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Retailers of products for water gardening.

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Al Zimmer's Ponds and Supplies
Distributor of pond and water garden supplies and related products.
Allied Industries
Custom made ornamental pond netting. UV stabilized polyethylene fiber.
Aqua Landscapes of Houston
Offers an online store and services for water garden design and installation. View the pond gallery of custom designed and installed water gardens.
Supplies and equipment for ponds, fountains and waterfalls.
Aquascape Water Gardens
Manufacturer and wholesale distributor of water features for ecosystem ponds and water gardens.
Arizona Aquatic Gardens
Plants for aquariums, vivariums, ponds, terrariums, aquascapes, and environmental habitats.
Water garden and pond supplies, with links to pond forum and chat.
Blanketweed Information
Blanketweed problems removed using weedbuster, green lightning and green lightning plus. The complete solution to pond keeping problems from blanketweed and algae.
Canadian Ponds Online
Offers a wide range of pond and water garden supplies, live fish, and a resource center of helpful tools.
Clear Pond
Water fountains, ponds, pond equipment, filters, skimmers, aquarium products, aquatic plants, fish food, koi, japanese koi, hydroponics, hydroponic equipment, pumps, waterpumps and fibre glass ponds.
Crystal Creek Pond Supply
Pond plants, pond and watergarden supplies and Koi for sale. Includes FAQs, tips, a forum, and articles.
Discount Pumps and Liners
Selection of pond and water garden supplies from leading manufacturers.
Eco Pond Supply
Offers a selection of backyard pond kits, pondless waterfall kits, patio ponds and Earth friendly water garden supplies.
Environmental Solutions
Provides natural microorganisms and enzymes that remove and control pond nutrients: to clean and clarify, remove noxious odors, and restore ecological balance to lakes, lagoons, fish ponds, and water gardens.
Offers a selection of equipment and supplies for water garden projects, as well as helpful FAQ and articles on various water gardening issues.
Filtrific Pond Filtration System
Expandable filtration system with underground overflow containment. Offers design examples.
GrayStone Creations
Sells supplies for water features, aquariums, and ponds, including pumps and lighting.
Heating Your Pond
Offers a variety of pond heaters.
Hemphill's Garden and Aquatic Center
Online catalog and store provides customers with pond, pond accessories, and garden supplies.
Julie's Barley Straw
Producer and supplier of barley straw for use in water gardens and ponds. Bulk and wholesale barley straw is available.
KLM Solutions
Safe and eco-friendly methods for controlling algae in ponds of all sizes. Includes an extensive article collection as well.
Kloubec Koi Farm
One of the largest koi farms in the USA set in an 80 acre farm. Provides water garden supplies and pond supplies both retail and wholesale. Located in Amana, Iowa.
Koi Gardens
Koi, pond supplies, aquatic plants, fluidart filtration.
Koi Pond Fever
Complete line of pond and water garden supplies including pond liners, pumps, Koi food, plants, filter systems, and Koi for sale.
LaBrake's Water Gardens Store
Garden ponds and water garden kits and supplies. Fountains, water wheels, and stepping stones.
LilyBlooms Aquatic Gardens
Water garden enthusiast source for pond and water garden products
Lilypons Water Gardens
Pond supplies including water lilies, bog plants, koi and goldfish, scavengers, pumps, and liners.
The Lobster Guys
Rio pumps for ponds and miniature fountains, waterfalls, and aquarium/lobster tank service and below wholesale supplies.
Loch Ness Water Gardens
Offers pond supplies, including kits, filters, pumps, liners, chemicals, Koi, and aquatic plants.
MacArthur Water Gardens
Pumps, filters, ultraviolet sterilizers, fish and koi foods. Tips and techniques.
MetroWest Water Gardens
Offers water garden supplies, design, installation, and maintenance.
Pond and Fountain Pros
Pond and fountain equipment and supplies. Information and diagrams for the contractor, architect, or experienced do-it yourselfer to help design, build, maintain, and troubleshoot a pond or fountain.
Pond and Garden Depot
Source for water garden products, pond supplies and advice from experienced pond professionals.
Pond and Landscape Solutions Inc
Products and supplies for ponds, water gardens, lakes and aquaculture. Includes on-line shopping and informational articles.
The Pond Solution
Offers a new filtering solution for crystal clear water in Koi and water gardens, pond supplies, Koi pond information, FAQs, and testimonials.
Provides a selection of pond supplies, pumps, filters and aquatic plants. Includes a product search.
The Ponder's Bible
Information about this book that explains to build and maintain a pond without the need for expensive equipment.
Pond equipment, including pumps, filters, hardware, UV lights, heaters, and air pumps.
Ponds 2 Go
Water garden hardware and supplies including filters, liners, preformed and kits, pumps, water treatment, plants and Japanese Koi Pond.
Ponds, Plants and More
Pond plants, fountains, pumps, fish food, plant food, watergardening books and other related pond supplies.
Air pumps, water vacuums, drain traps, DC-AC inverter and battery chargers as well as automatic pet feeders.
Rman Productions
Offers an online catalog containing fish ponds, lighting, photographs and accessories.
Rock Around The Block
Sells and services Hozelock Cyprio and Resun pond, watergarden and Ferguson Aquatran outdoor lighting equipment. (Australia)
A source for plants, liners, koi, and accessories.
Toine Pond Supplies
Features inventory and sales of pond supplies and related products.
Ultra Bio-Logics Inc.
Water garden kits and supplies, equipment and accessories, lighting, spray heads, liners.
Van Ness Water Gardens
Catalog of aquatic supplies as well as information about water gardening.
Warehouse Aquatics
Offers products and equipment for ponds and aquariums.
The Water Garden
Products for building and maintaining a pond or water garden. Information and instruction for water gardeners and pond keepers.
Water Garden Ltd
Offers pumps, fountains, pond filters, water treatment, liners and accessories for indoor and outdoor ponds.
Waterford Gardens
Lilies, lotus, Koi and water garden equipment.
Webb's Water Gardens
Offers thousands of pond supplies for all types of ponds and water gardens, from pond liner, pumps and filters to ultraviolet sterilizers, fish foods and aquatic plants.

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