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Aloha Tropicals
Specializing in a wide assortment of rare and exotic tropical plants, vines, shrubs, trees. Also offers information, and books.
Big Island Growers
Common outlet for a dozen growers on Hawaii, with products including orchids, hoyas, plumeria, carnivorous plants, and other tropical plants.
Bougainvillea Growers International
South Florida grower offering a variety of sizes from baskets to full-grown trees.
The Cycad Jungle
Home growers in Florida offer a small and changing selection of palms, cycads, Dyckia bromeliads, and tropical gingers.
Order cycads including encephalartos, dioon, cycas, zamia, xanthorrhoea, ceratozamia, and other rare tropical plants, books and artwork on cycads, palms and other tropical plants
Earthcare Enterprises
Queensland, Australia based nursery growing tropical bamboos, gingers, aquatics and other tropical plants. International orders available, but at significant cost. Cannot ship some bamboos to the US.
Ez PALMS .com
Wholesale and retail specializing in container and field grown indoor and outdoor palm trees and tropical, ornamental, rare plants, and foliage.
Fancy Hibiscus
Florida nursery selling a variety of hybrid and species hibiscus.
Fernacres Nursery
Set in natural bush with a large variety of tree, ground and epiphytic ferns including extensive range of treefern carvings and Australian native species and hybrid epiphytic orchids.
Gardino Nursery
Nursery that specializes in growing a variety of rare and unusual tropical plants.
Grassy Knoll Exotic Plants
Washington-state nursery specializing in Passiflora (passionflowers), tropical bulbs, protea, and rare plants.
Greenearth Co.
Offering various types of banana trees for sale. Information on growing banana trees also offered.
Growers of a large variety of grafted tropical Hibiscus. Selling both retail and wholesale.
Hidden Valley Hibiscus
Sells wholesale and retail modern exotic tropical grafted hibiscus.
Hoya Plants
Hoya resources and information on growing and buying hoya plants.
Just Plumerias
Grower that specializes in the plumeria hawaiin lei flower plant. Also sells cuttings so you to can grow your own plumeria.
Kartuz Greenhouses
California supplier of begonias, gesneriads, hoyas, jasmines, passionflowers, and a selection of rare flowering plants.
Kipapa Nursery
A Hawaiian plant nursery located, on the Island of Kauai, providing many tropical plant varieties including ocean tolerant plants.
Living Green Plantscape Design
Living Green Plantscape Design brings you an eclectic selection of artifacts, specimen tropical foliage and objects reflecting the wonder and simple beauty of Nature.
Logee's Greenhouses, Ltd.
Includes a variety of flowering plants including citrus, bananas, passion flowers, begonias, and hibiscus. Includes a printed catalog and information on hardiness zones.
Malesiana Tropicals
Malaysian nursery specialized in micropropagation of exotic plants offering aroids, carnivorous plants, palms, and gingers, as well as a small variety of aroid seeds.
Maui Plumeria Gardens
Hawaii grower offers a variety of plumeria plants, cuttings, and seeds. Online catalog with photos.
Montoso Gardens
Nursery in Puerto Rico specializing in tropical fruits, heliconias, gingers, bromeliads and other tropical plants and seeds.
Nature Perfect
Distributors and wholesalers of braided bamboo, lucky bamboo (dracaena), money tree (pachira), bonsai, hydroponics, grow lights, and indoor house plants.
Plumerias UK
Specialist nursery in southwest England offering plumeria seedlings and rooted cuttings.
Rainforest Flora
Growers and distributors of tillandsias, bromeliads, and other exotic plants.
Rivers End Nursery
Offers tropical flowering, fruit, and shade trees, spice bushes, bamboo, and palms, as well as related supplies. Based in Texas.
Stokes Tropicals
Sells a range of tropical plants, including bananas, gingers, Helconias and Plumeria.
Toobees Exotics
Offers succulents, bromeliads, cycads, and other exotics, specializing in natives of Madagascar and Africa. Photos, care information. Based in UK, ships throughout Europe.
Top Tropicals LLC
Nursery specializing in rare tropical plants including orchids, specialty roses, cacti, and exotics. Online searchable catalog and ordering, forum.
Wanapluk Garden
Thai company offering tropical plants, including adenium, croton, euphorbia, hoya, orchids, plumerias, palms, and cycads. Online catalog with photos.

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