Bonsai literally means "plant in a tray". Many people think Bonsai is a species of trees, but it really is a way of growing a tree in a way that it's small but still looks like a real and old tree. Web sites in this category sell various bonsai related merchandise including, but not limited to, bonsai trees, stock, tools, and pots.

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Best Bonsai
Offers bonsai trees, pots, tools and other supplies.
Bonsai Direct
Shop specialises in indoor & outdoor Bonsai trees, pruning tools and pots.
Bonsai Etc.
Offers bonsai gifts, deciduous and evergreen specimens, kits, and accessories.
Bonsai for sale
Complete overview of Bonsai shops in the USA
Bonsai Northwest
Offers bonsai trees, pots, tools, and supplies.
Bonsai of Brooklyn
Offers bonsai, nursery stock, containers, accessories and supplies.
The Bonsai Outlet
Offers a large selection of bonsai tools and accessories plus tips and training.
Bonsai Shop
Bonsai store located in Australia, with a large selection of handmade pots.
Brussel's Bonsai Nursery
Selection of indoor and outdoor bonsai trees, tools, and Chinese pottery.
Provides a wide range of bonsai material, tools and books.
California Bonsai Studio
Sells and rents trees, also offers Bonsai classes at their study group
Custom Oriental Wood-Craft
Bonsai display tables, carved daiza and Suiseki.
Dallas Bonsai Garden
Offers tools, pots, specimen bonsai, books and figurines.
DaSu Bonsai Studios
Offers bonsai, pots, planting stones, tools, books and companion plants.
Green Thumb Bonsai
Sells indoor and outdoor bonsai, pre-bonsai, and seedlings, both evergreen and deciduous varieties, as well as tools, supplies, and books.
Iker Bonsai Pottery
Hand made bonsai pot shop, based in Ohio, also on demand.
Kaede Bonsai-En
Offers seedlings to specimen grade bonsai. Along with services by Matthew H. Ouwinga.
Kaizen Bonsai
Contains philosophical overview, gallery, projects, inspirational pictures, sketches, articles, links, notices, and workshop contact information.
Ma-ke Bonsai
Sells trees, pots, tools and other accessories.
Manhattan Bonsai
Offering bonsai trees and pottery for sale, as well as tools and supplies. Includes event information and newsletter.
Miami Tropical
Sells bonsai trees, tools, pots and supplies
Mike Rogers Bonsai Studio
Offers Bonsai, Pre-bonsai, tools and pots.
Mini Forests
Mail order nursery of miniature plants, for use in garden railroads, rock gardens, and bonsai. Products include trees, flowering and foliage perennials, ferns, and pre-bonsai.
North of England Bonsai
Sells all types of trees and consumables for bonsai, pots, tools, potting medium. Provides bonsai training and workshops at all levels.
Northland Gardens Bonsai Centre
Offers bonsai trees, pottery, starter stock, tools, soil and accessories.
River Bend Gardens
Growers of rare plants suitable for Bonsai, Garden Railways and miniature landscapes.
Sleepy Hollow Bonsai
Offers pre-bonsai and specimens, tools and supplies, pottery, and books.
WeeTree Farm
Offers pottery, tools, supplies, and miscellaneous merchandise.

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