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Alabama seller of trees and shrubs in minimum lots of twenty. Featuring the Leyland Cypress, Thuja Green Giant, and Cryptomeria.
Botany Shop Garden Center
Selling Thuja Green Giant conifer, red maples, disease resistant Valley Forge American Elm cultivar, butterfly bush (Buddleia) and hybrids. Shipping only within the 48 contiguous United States.
Chief River Nursery Co.
Offers a selection of hardy conifer and hardwood tree seedlings and transplant specimens of trees and ornamental shrubs, all in bare-root form. Located in Wisconsin.
Cloud Mountain Farm and Nursery
Washington state nursery offering select cultivars of both ornamental and fruiting shrubs and trees.
Commonwealth Plants
Virginia nursery selling grafted Japanese maple cultivars, seeds and seedlings. Retail and wholesale.
The Crape Myrtle Company
Florida nursery sells crape myrtle trees, including miniatures for use as houseplants and varieties which are hardy in colder climates.
Dragon Trees
Offers Paulownia trees, of species Kawakamii, Elongata, and Fortunei. Also has information and history of these trees.
Fast Growing Trees
Offers an assortment of flowering, shade, and privacy trees, selected for fast growth habit. Evergreens and deciduous.
Hybrid Poplar Trees
Retailer for hybrid poplar trees, oak, and willows, including Coyote willow, for stream erosion control.
The Jonsteen Company
Offers tree seedlings for reforestation, conservation, and living Christmas trees.
JPR Environmental
Living willow supplier for gardening, tree planting and riverbank strengthening.
North Country Tree Nursery
New York nursery selling White Cedar trees in 14 or 18 tree minimum lots.
Sunset Growers
Tree nursery in Georgia selling saplings of various trees online. Specializes in cypress, juniper, and arborvitae, propagated from nursery cutting stock.
Woody Warehouse
Indiana nursery offers seed-grown native hardwood trees and shrubs. Products include oak species, viburnum, winterberry, bald cypress, and alder.
World Paulownia Institute
Nursery in Georgia supplying paulownia and hybrid poplar seedlings and trees to the home gardener and for plantations.
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