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The directory's purpose is to put forth a list of sites that most directly pertain to the sale of cacti and succulents.

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Arizona Cactus Sales
Offers an assortment of potted desert cacti in sizes ranging from 3" potted to landscape-ready. Virtual tour of the nursery, care tips, and photos of oddities.
Bob Smoley's Gardenworld
Offers extensive catalog of collectible cacti and succulents for mail order.
Online catalog for buying cacti, mesembs, and other succulent caudiforms. Over 3000 species in total.
Cactus Art
Sells a wide variety of cacti and succulents, ships to countries within the European Union. Includes large photo gallery, a glossary of cactus terms, and an etymological reference.
Cactus Heaven Online Store
Offers large assortment of cactus and succulent plants and seeds, listed exclusively by botanical name. Online ordering instructions and prices.
Cactus House
Mail order source for novelty cacti, including ariocarpus, astrophytum, and discocactus. Based in Thailand, ships internationally.
Grower and seller of a large range of cactus, succulents, tillandsias, bromeliads and other unusual plants.
Thai seller of specialty cacti, mostly astrophytum species and hybrids. Photos of actual plants for sale, international ordering instructions. Also photos of personal collection and operations.
Online cactus nursery specializes in species such as Astrophytum, Lophophora, Pereskiopsis, Trichocereus, and Turbinicarpus. Includes information on cactus growing. Plants can be ordered for good prices, shipment by regular mail.
California Cactus Center
Grower and supplier of cacti and succulents, tillandesia and airplants.
Cono's Paradise Nursery
Specializing in the genus conophytum, with many other species offered, ships internationally.
The Divine Cactus
Online supplier in the UK of lithops, lophophora, trichocereus, and miscellaneous cacti, as well as bonsai, carnivorous plants, and supplies.
Garden America
California-based online store specializing in cacti and succulents. Informative illustrated catalog.
Glenhirst Cactus Nursery
Books, lithops, seeds, and plants are offered. Ships within the UK, and European Union.
GodongIjo Nursery
Indonesian collectors and growers of cultivars and species of adenium. Photo gallery, online text catalog.
Green: Plant Research
Enthusiast in Hawaii sells hoya, asclepias, dischidiopsis, ceropegia and other asclepids, as well as stephanotis and orchids. Catalog with photos and descriptions, printable order form.
Jim Hunter's Epiphyllum Universe
Dedicated to epiphytic cacti. Includes a vast amount of information about Epiphyllum care and feeding and offers some cuttings for sale.
Kambroo Plants
South African nursery offers mainly gasterias, haworthias, and stapeliads for sale worldwide. Sales and cultivation policies, illustrated catalog.
Living Stones Nursery
Nursery in Arizona (USA) specializing in cacti and succulents from around the world, as well as uncommon desert shrubs, wildflowers and trees.
Mesa Garden
Nursery in New Mexico offers plants and seeds by mail-order, within US and overseas. Catalog, prices, cultivation and germination tips.
Miles' To Go
Offers cacti, succulents, and caudiciforms. Online catalog with links to photos. Ordering instructions, printable order form. Ships to US only.
Paul Shirley Succulents
Netherlands nursery offers online sales of ceropegias, hoyas, stapelias, and a small variety of other succulents. Prices in Euros, ships internationally.
Rio Grande Cacti
Specializing in the cacti of the Southwestern United States, does not ship out of the US.
Shoal Creek Succulents
Specializing in asclepiads, mesembs, caudiforms, and a wide selection of other succulents and cacti.
SMG Succulents
Nursery in Oregon, USA, sells hardy sedums, sempervivums, and jovibarbas, as well as a selection of gasterias and haworthias as houseplants. Ships internationally.
Sticky Situation
Grower of cacti and succulents from around the world, propagated by seeds and cuttings. Offers an assortment of several thousand species. Order by phone.
Succulent Tissue Culture
Offers rare and endangered succulents and cacti from tissue culture. Showing very interesting techniques used to propagate the plants.
Toobees Exotics
Growers of many succulent plants including bromeliads, many euphorbias and caudiforms/pachycauls.
Uhlig Kakteen
German supplier of plants and seeds of a large range of cacti and succulents. Catalog structured by botanical name, with small photos of many offerings.
Whitton Greenhouses
Specialist grower of Christmas cactus also offers mail-order retail sales of selected varieties. Image gallery of varieties, cultural tips, and ordering information.
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