Pest control products which are non-toxic, or which provide alternatives to toxic materials and practices. These include non-toxic substances, electronic devices, special lights, beneficial insects for gardens, biological toxins targeting specific pests, repellents, products for preventive measures, non-poisonous traps, etc.

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AG Organics
Retailer of organic products for Home and Garden.
Critter Repellent
Offers animal repellents for home and garden based on their predator's urine.
Deer control products.
Deernono Company
Deer repellent.
Earth-Kind, Inc.
Natural rodent repellent and pest control products, plus biodegradable air fresheners.
Enviro Protection Industries
Deer and rabbit biodegradable granular repellent, with a scent that alerts animals to a sense of danger and causes them to flee the area.
Flies Be Gone
Sells non-toxic baited fly traps. Information on operating principles, FAQ, and testimonials.
Gardens Alive
Environmentally friendly pest controls.
Get Set Inc.
Organic, environmentally safe pest control.
Greenergy, Inc
Insect control traps.
Manufactures and sells a deet free repellent. Includes news articles and information for wholesalers and consumers.
Hot Pepper Wax
Natural capsaicin-based repellent, with formulations to deter insects or mammals. Product, safety, and company information.
I Must Garden
Producer of natural repellents for various animals including common mammal and insect pests.
Invisible Gardener
Natural pest control products.
km AntPro
Liquid bait, ant control system. It's used for fire ants, argentine ants, carpenter ants, and white footed ants.
Koppert Biological Systems
Biological crop protection and natural pollination products by use of beneficial insects and mites.
Messina Wildlife
Manufactures a line of animal repellents. Product information, retailer listing, and online shop.
Mosquito Barrier
Liquid garlic concentrate that dilutes in water and is sprayed on grassy areas to control mosquitoes.
Natural Insect Control
Offers environmentally friendly ways to fight lawn and garden insects.
Nature's Control
Beneficial insects and related pest controls for organic gardening.
Orange Guard
Organic, and environmentally friendly insecticide that uses all natural ingredients.
Osage Hedge Balls
Natural repellent for insects.
Diatomaceous earth product that works without chemicals. Includes suggested uses and application directions.
Plant Pro-Tec
Garlic units deer and rabbit repellent discourage browsing of trees, shrubs, flowers and gardens.
Rid-Max Fly Traps
Environmentally safe reuseable fly trap.
Tanem's Garden
Deer resistant planting guide.
Tru-Catch Traps
Animal traps in various sizes.
Natural pest control solutions for pests.
Wireless Deer Fence
Provides a wireless device to deter deer and moose from plants and yards.
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