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3R Lighting Company
Hydroponic, bioponic, indoor gardening equipment, grow lights, nutrients, and systems.
4 Ever Sun
Manufacturer of indoor hydroponic self contained grow boxes and accessories.
Alternative Garden Supply
Featuring supplies for hydroponic and organic gardening. Includes books, bulbs, and testing equipment.
American Agriculture
Includes lighting systems, supplies, tools and books.
Atlantis Hydroponics
Suppliers of hydroponic equipment, nutrients, hormones, complete hydro and lighting systems. Also has stores in Georgia, USA.
BG Hydro
Offer a large selection of indoor hydroponics supplies and systems.
Selling bottle kits for the smallest hydroponic urban farming system in the world, developed to cultivate lettuce and herbs on a windowsill. [English/German]
Bustan Urban Gardening Essentials
Includes propagation supplies, grow mediums, soil amendments, nutrients and supplements, horticultural lighting, tools and accessories, books, containers, seeds, bulbs, and exotic plants.
Cheap Hydroponics
Offers full range of products such as hydroponic systems, grow lights, nutrients, and accessories.
Offers controlled environment growing systems and technology for specialty crops including hydroponic vegetables, aquaculture and exotic mushrooms.
Discount Hydroponics
Sells grow lights, nutrients, systems, pest control, blowers and hydroponic accessories.
EzGro Garden
Vertical garden system. Information and contact details.
Foothill Hydroponics
Everything you need to grow plants indoors, hydroponic systems, nutrient, rockwool, perlite, pumps, and trays. Free expert advice.
Features a complete line of grow lights, hydroponic gardens and growing supplies.
Green Fortune
Suppliers of Streamgarden systems.
GreenCoast Hydroponics
Offers grow lights, systems, and environmental controllers. Includes a library of indoor growing information.
Greenfields Hydroponics
Products include complete grow kits, lights, books, growing media and nutrients, ventilation and odor control supplies.
Greenstream Hydroponics
Offers kits and systems of various sizes, grow lights, nutrients, organics, and related tools.
Growco Indoor Gardening
Hydroponic and intense lighting systems plus grow room supplies and nutrients.
GTG Hydroponics
Provides a wide variety of indoor gardening supplies, grow lights, organic fertilizers, as well as advanced climate and carbon dioxide controllers. Online forum and FAQ.
Harry's Garden Center
Indoor gardening and hydroponic supplies store featuring lighting nutrients growing systems, books and magazines, cloning and propagation supplies, environmental controls, Co2 emitters, and rockwool. Warren, Michigan.
Harvest Moon Hydroponics
Supplies for hydroponics. Greenhouses, artificial lighting and new plant varieties.
Homegrown Hydroponics
Offers gardens, lighting, nutrient, propagation, growing media, aeration, garden care, pest controls, and books. Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Nova Scotia.
Horizen Hydroponics
Offering grow lights, organic fertilizers, soil amendments, and environmental controls. Includes used equipment.
Hydro Depot
Offers wide range of items such as equipment, indoor gardening supplies, and accessories.
Hydro Wholesale
Sells wide selection of products such as irrigation supplies, books and magazines and testing equipment.
Hydroponic Center Guy Dionne
Offers a complete line of professional quality hydroponic and aeroponic materials, greenhouse management equipment, lighting systems, growing mediums, and fertilizers. Quebec Canada.
Hydroponic Vegetable Gardening
Offer various products as well as literature and a newsletter.
The Hydroponicum
Hydroponics information and online catalog includes starter kits, nutrients and propagation.
Interior Gardens
Enjoy full spectrum grow lights and supplies for a year round indoor flower, fruit and vegetable garden. Also hydroponics supplies.
Interior Water Gardens: A Hydroculture Oasi
Offers kits for growing Orchids in hydroculture and hydroponics. Also supplies, nutrients, culture instructions, and a photo gallery.
Plant Lighting
Hydroponic and organic gardening systems and supplies. Lights, fertilizers, supplements and organic nutrients, grow media, and greenhouse controls for hobby and commercial growers.
Progressive Growth Garden Supply & Hydroponics
Hid lighting, hydroponic systems, ph, nutrients, and reflectors. BC,Canada.
Pyraponic Industries
Sells the Phototron automated indoor growing system featuring vertical fluorescent lightbulbs, and a range of supplies and parts.
Sea Of Green
Hydroponic and horticultural gardening systems and supplies. Ships in USA.
Sunburst Hydroponics
Offering indoor gardening supplies, including growlights, nutrients and equipment.
Sells hydroponic cabinets and systems.
Thin Air Growing Systems
Manufacture and sell an aeroponics system where the roots never stand in water.
Tronix Industries
Automation of the hydroponic greenhouse and growroom using plug n play devices.
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