Sites which offer Water Treatment goods and services for sale with prices listed, and information on how the consumer can obtain the product from their own home directly online or by phone, mail or email.

Water Treatment is the apparatus such as filters and softeners used to improve the quality of water in a building's plumbing system.
For DRINKING WATER TREATMENT, see Shopping/Home_and_Garden/Kitchen_and_Dining/Water_Treatment

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Ace Pump Corp.
Water filtration, reverse osmosis systems and bottle-less water coolers from the worlds leading manufacturers that will provide clean and safe water for drinking, cooking and showering.
Aquatechnology Water Stores
An informative site dedicated to accurate and educational resources along with a full product line of water treatment equipment.
Magna Clean Systems
An environmentally safe alternative to salt-based water softeners using a series of magnetic fields.
Magnetic Water Treatment and Filtration Products
Suppliers of simple to fit magnetic water softeners, reverse osmosis water purification and filtration equipment for home and industrial use.
National Testing Laboratories, Ltd.
Independent testing lab for home drinking water potability and well water. Products and information available for residential and commercial.
Ozone Pure Water
Offers water purification systems to eliminate iron, sulfur, manganese, and bacteria. For residential, commercial, and industrial water problems.
Purco Filtration Systems Inc.
Water treatment and purification systems for residential, commercial and engineered applications.
Pure Water Canada
Information about water purification and treatment with system sales available.
PurePro USA Corporation
Buyer's guide for home reverse osmosis water filter systems.
Sales of water purification devices, and information about the company and its disinfectant products.
Reverse osmosis and deionization water purification products. Includes general production information and company profile.
Manufactures and supplies of magnetic water conditioners.
Universal Shopping Center
Offers a range of home water filtration systems and accessories. Presents a product catalogue, articles and specifications.
Water Filtration
Suppliers and Installers of domestic and commercial water filtration systems, water softeners and water conditioners.
Water Refining Company
Specializes in quality water conditioning equipment such as water softeners, filters, reverse osmosis and aerators.
Features a reverse osmosis system which includes water quality TDS meter. Also links to replacement filters and membranes for some popular brands.
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