Sites whose main focus is selling scented, truly handcrafted candles online are listed here.

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Candles, soaps, and bath and body products.
Allegheny Candle Company
Offering cake, jar, gel and votives. Caters to small businesses.
Americana Candles
Baby food jar candles as well as personalized label tin candles.
Amy Lynn's Fragrances
Offers jars, votives, baskets and seasonal items.
Bakery Candle Confections
Offers homemade super scented candles that come in pie shells, glass containers, loaf candles and mug candles.
Blue Moon Candles
Intensely fragrant hand crafted candles, made with paraffin or plant oils, and cotton wicks.
The Candle Company
UK producer of votives, melts, floaters, pillars and hurricanes.
Votives, jars, tealights, and wax potpourri.
Candles Aglow
Offer homemade hand poured and highly scented container candles. Includes list of fragrances and guest book.
Candles and Things Gift Shop
Offers container, votives, tealights and tarts.
Candles by Victoria
Offers jars and votives. Has FAQ and party information.
Handmade votive, pillar, gel and holiday candles, holders, and snuffers. Bath products now available.
Carousel Candles
Wholesale and retail gel and wax candles and accessories as well as bath and body products.
Celestial Radiance
Cylinder and square products. Offers herbal pillows and incense.
Chandler Spirits
Apothecary jar candles in various colors.
Connie's Creations Candles
Candles and supplies, holders, tart warmers, aromatherapy oils, burners, bath and body products. Fundraisers and wholesale information.
Crafts 4 You
Offering jelly jar candles.
Cranberries Candles
Offers containers and votives. Burning instructions and wholesale.
Crane's Creations
Purchase handmade candles in a variety of scents, sizes and shapes.
Creative Scentsations
Jar candles, as well as gift baskets and soaps.
Diane's House of Candles
Offering votives, jelly jars, seasonal and pints.
Erotically Yours Candles
Custom crafted, slightly erotic pillars, votives, and tealights.
Expressive Candles
Offering hand poured scented candles, such as jar candles, votives, pillars, gift sets, wedding favors, tea lights, tarts and fundraisers.
Fran and Jan Candles
Offers wedding, memorial, personalized, customized as well as hurricane candles and holders.
Heartland Candles
Sells candles, accessories, glycerin soap, and bath salt.
Home Crafted Candles
Offers one of a kind, hand poured candles including votives, containers, pillars and floaters. Also provides custom labeling and candle care information.
Incandessence Candles & Body Works
Specializes in handmade apothecary jar, jelly jar, votive and tealight candles in a variety of scents. Also offer scented bath and body products. Retail and wholesale available.
Island Candle Company
Offers tropical scented pillar, votive and multi-wick candles, handcrafted on the island of Maui.
Just Candlez
Candles in containers and as chunk pillars.
Kathrine's Candles
Carved candles with a scented tea light inserted in the top. Also offers votives and jars.
Kayloma Candles
Featuring hand poured designs with many different fragrances available. Includes birthstone angels, diffusers, and bath and body products.
Kitty Kisses Candles
Offers votives, pillars, chunk and container candles. Includes guest book.
Kristins Kandles
Hand poured container, votives, pillars and floating candles.
Light the Wick Candle Factory
Provides hand poured candles including jar, votive, pillar and tea lights. Also offers sun catchers and candle accessories. Includes fundraising information and list of scents.
Lobue's Candles
Handmade, triple scented jar candles
Morenci Candles, Inc.
Jar candles offered wholesale and retail. Best seller and safety information available.
Mystic Essence Candles
Maine made candles created with two wicks, allowing candle to burn evenly.
Olde New England Candle Co.
Candles, including aromatherapy, and accessories. History of company, ordering and direction to stores provided.
Pilgrim Candle
Makers of jar candles, dripless tapers, votives, tea lights, and potpourri.
Pony Point House Candles
Hand poured and scented candles.
Potters Crouch
UK based business providing handmade highly scented candles, in tins and glasses. Other products include essential oils and bath products. Includes wholesale and distribution information.
Pouring Candles
Carrying paraffin candles with themes of holiday, zodiac, and rune and soy pillars.
Rita's Heavenly Aromas
Offers containers, votives, tarts and tealites.
Sheer Soy Candles
Offers hand poured, scented soy candles, includes many fragrances.
Skyelight Candles
Sculpted designs, including glitter balls, star and pillar and candle holders.
The Spotted Hog Candle Company
Provides handmade votives, jar candles, tealights and wax tarts. Also offers tart burners. Includes candle burning instructions and contact information.
Tara's Candle Cottage
Produces a variety of hand poured, highly scented candles, wax melts and a large selection of bath and body works.
Tehachapi Candle Co.
Offers jar, votives, pillars, tealights, floaters and melts.
Tovana Crafts
Offers handmade votives, pillars, novelty and tea lights.
Trinity Candle Factory
Specializing in pillar, votive, tin and jar designs. Includes wholesale and fundraising information.
Tropical Breeze Candles
Handpoured votives, containers and speciality products.
Container candles, grubbies, votives, and accessories.
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