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3 Day Diet
Offers a simple diet plan.
30 Minute Mom
Weight loss program and advice on cooking, exercise and menu planning.
5 Squares
Offers already prepared meals delivered nationwide.
770 Get-Thin
Medical weight loss program developed by a physician.
BetterMD Network
Physician supervised program based on medical research for long term weight loss.
Catalyst Weight Management
Online weight management course.
Chemical Reaction Diet
Offers a diet plan that is chemically and enzyme balanced.
Cliff Sheats' Lean Bodies for Life
Learn about the program, get advise, recipes, and shop for products. Classes held in Dallas, Texas.
Offers a personalized program, including support, online tools and weight loss tips.
The Don't Go Hungry Diet
Molecular scientist Dr. Amanda Sainsbury-Salis presents her weight regulation program based on medical research. Includes her biography, FAQs on the program, newsletter archive, press.
Dr. Smith Get Thin Program
Offers a step by step program to achieve weight loss goals without difficult restrictions.
Dynamite Diva Spa Gals
Weight loss program for women including fitness plans, message board, tools and motivation.
Personally designed diet plans, support and articles.
A program that can help individuals attain a normal weight by making simple lifestyle changes.
Offers an online program that tracks calories eaten and burned. Includes a large database of foods and exercises.
Get That Body
Offering diet and fitness plans.
The Healthy Way
A weight management program that includes meal planning, recipes, counseling and other services.
How the Rich Get Thin
Includes office services, events, and a mailing list.
In 2 Perfect Shape
Personalized nutrition planner, online support and fitness plans.
Jim Karas Online Weight Loss Program
Includes meal plans, fitness program, recipes, articles and bulletin boards.
Offers a comprehensive solution to weight control.
Living Lite Now
Weight loss program using hypnosis and meditation via instructional DVDs and CDs.
Manage Your Weight
A clinically oriented program with an objective to helping people achieve optimal weight.
A fitness system combining elements of yoga, dance and gymnastics that can be done from home to tone muscles and lose weight.
Spiritual weight loss counseling, including tapes, books, seminars and online programs.
Maximum Fitness
Weight loss programs for obesity are offered by Gary Matthews from Australia involving a combination of nutrition and exercise.
Personalized menus for natural weight loss.
A subscription site offering meal plans customized for family health conditions and allergies. Site provides recipes, articles, videos, and general information about the connection between food and health.
Online food and exercise diary and calorie counter.
Natural Weight Loss Program
Offers a natural weight loss program.
The No Diet At All Diet
Offering a simple diet plan.
Normal Eating
Features an electronic book that addresses weight loss goals without dieting. Includes articles, newsletter, and a support forum.
Now Loss
A program that emphasizes on long term weight loss.
Online calorie counter and food diary service.
A medical weight loss program using a liquid formula diet for obesity treatment.
Personal Diets
Offers a custom diet by a registered dietitian.
Physicians Choice Weight Loss
Personalized 12 week online weight loss program. Includes calculations of protein, carbohydrate, fat and fiber intake.
Powerseed Systems
Features a small, computerized eating coach, as well as a mind and body program designed to attain long term weight control.
Real Living Nutrition Services
Provides personalized online weight management programs designed by registered dietitians.
The Shangri-La Diet
Psychologist Seth Roberts presents his unique approach to weight control. Features the scientific findings, success stories, book excerpts, forum.
Slim & Trim Diet
6-week program which includes recipes and nutritional information provided for each week.
Offering diet and weight loss programs for children and teens.
Offers personal advice plans and weight loss guidance.
Start Fresh
Weight control program for the kosher community.
Sweet Science Nutrition
An 8 week weight loss program, metabolic testing and comprehensive nutrition checkups.
Thin From Within
This site offers body centered therapy, hypnotherapy, counseling, and numerous therapeutic techniques for weight loss.
Think Light
Weight loss program that assists in planning and preparing lowfat meals and snacks.
Tri For Life
Program designed to help change the bad habits that cause weight gain.
Vice Busting Diet
An online program for losing weight and living healthy.
Offers a tool to plan meals and give complete balanced nutrition information.
Weigh Down Workshop
Spiritual weight loss program.
Weight Choice
Online weight loss program.
Weight Go
The more you eat, the more you loose, up to 15 pounds per week.
Personalized diets, recipes and fitness programs designed for healthy weight loss.
Weightwise Health & Fitness
A slimming club that offers online, postal or club memberships.
Women Fitness
A site dedicated to women, health and fitness. Offers personalized programs with support.
Yoga Balance Weight Loss Program
Offers several different programs to aid in weight loss.
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