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Alcohol Countermeasure Systems
Manufacturer of breath alcohol testing equipment.
Evidential instruments for the detection of alcohol.
BioScan Rapid Drug Screen
A complete line of drug screening and alcohol testing products that yield proven laboratory accurate results in minutes. Adulteration screening products also available. Features live, on-line product training video.
Branan Medical Corporation
Manufacturer of the Intect 6, an advanced drugs of abuse adulteration testing strip.
Digital breathalyzers for personal and professional use.
Chematics, Inc.
DOT approved diagnostic products for zero tolerance alcohol detection.
CMI, Inc.
Manufacturer of the Intoxilyzer line of breath alcohol testers.
Draeger Safety, Inc. Breathalyzer Division
Manufacturer of the Breathalyzer and other alcohol detection equipment.
Drug Alert
Offers confidential home drug and alcohol testing.
Drug Free Enterprises, Inc.
Providers of the DrugCheck product, an instant results, no-step drug test for occupational and clinical use.
Drug Test Success
Provides one-step tests for a variety of drugs.
Drug Test Systems
Provides FDA approved drug testing kits for testing cocaine, marijuana, mdma, ecstacy, opiates, heroin and amphetamines. Includes a list of services, products and FAQs. Online ordering.
Drug Testing Network
Specializes in DOT mandated programs, private screening, and instant drug testing products.
Drugs & Alcohol Testing Systems
UK company offering saliva-based drug and alcohol testing kits to companies or private individuals.
DrugTest, Inc.
FDA approved drug testing in the privacy of your own home.
Expomed, Inc.
Provides on-site drug and alcohol testing products for rehabilitation centers, correctional facilities, and corporations.
Forensic Technologies, Inc.
Automated instrumentation, collection and transport kits for laboratories and sites which collect and test urine and blood for abused drug testing.
Health Research Systems, Inc.
National distributor for Forefront Diagnostics and provider of on-site drug and alcohol testing products for rehabilitation centers, correctional facilities, and corporations.
The oral fluid drug test.
Intoximeters Inc.
Develops, manufactures, and markets a full line of alcohol breath testing instruments.
Joldon Diagnostics
A Canadian distributor of rapid test kits for on-site detection of drugs of abuse, alcohol, infectious diseases, pregnancy, and ovulation.
Lifeloc Technologies
Provider of breath alcohol testers.
N2ITIVE1 Innovations
Urinalysis test indicates use of methamphetamine, cocaine, opiates, THC and PCP.
National Drug Screen, Inc.
A nationwide administrator of employee drug and alcohol testing programs, with clients in over 30 states. Also offers home testing kits for individual use.
US Health Tests
Hair, saliva, and urine drug and alcohol tests.
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