Shopping Health Emergency and Safety Medical Alert Systems
An emergency response system geared towards the elderly and disabled.

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Acadian On Call
Allows two-way communication with medically trained professionals available to assist 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Medical alert systems by ADT Security company.
AlarmForce Industries
Medical emergency alarm and elderly pendants for different senior needs.
AlertOne Services, Inc.
Offers a monitored medical alarm system with optional voice extenders, buttons, and key boxes.
American Medical Alarms, Inc
Offers push button alarm systems with long range transmitters and radios, including one that works with DSL. Monthly billing.
Bay Alarm Medical
Medical alert systems for senior care.
Blue Star Service Solutions, Inc.
Medical alert systems and other safety and health products, comprehensive veteran and senior care resources.
CVS Medical Alert Systems
Provides pharmacy approved systems for senior care and family security.
EM24 Alert
Offering a medical alert and alarm system that allows seniors to call for help at the push of a button.
Family Care
Provider of medical alert service and systems for seniors that need medical alarm service in their home.
Offers state of the art medical monitoring and systems. GPS and cellular based mobile medical alert and fall detectors.
Home Buddy
Provides a variety of medical alert options and medication dispensers.
Home Support Services, LLC
HelpLine medical alert systems are designed for people who live alone (or are alone for extended periods of time) and may have difficulty reaching a phone during an emergency.
Life Alarm
Offers a medical alarm system with monthly and quarterly monitoring fees.
A wireless personal medical alarm consisting of a built-in two-way voice communicator unit and a personal help button.
Offers a medical alarm system with optional long range transmitter, additional pendants and wall-mounted buttons, and lock boxes. Quarterly and annual billing.
The company's multi-facet emergency medical alert system device with accredited Underwriters Laboratories Emergency monitoring center.
Senior medical alert system with its own UL listed monitoring center.
Matrix Interactive LLC
They offer all type of medical alert products for elderly people.
MedFirst Alert
Medical alert system designed to help senior citizens living alone and people with disabilities maintain their independence and safety.
Medical Care Alert
Offers medical alert systems with 24/7 monitoring for senior citizens in all 50 states.
Medical Guardian
Medical alarm systems company with different options for seniors.
My Personal Response
Medical alert system provider, offering sales and rental of monitoring systems, first-class customer service, support, and state-of-the-art 24-hour monitoring center.
New England Emergency Response Systems
Offers a medical alarm system billed monthly, lock boxes, and daily medication, wellness, and reminder calls.
One Call Alert
The company provides medical alert monitoring to older seniors and those at risk of falling who wish to remain living independently in their home.
Philips Lifeline
Offers medical alarm systems including systems that detects falls and work with cordless phones. Also offers a monitored medication disperser service.
Pioneer Emergency Response Services
Offers a medical alert system with a secure lock box that allows entrance to the home without damaging doors and billing on a monthly basis.
Prime Medical Alert
Offers medical alert systems. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, but serving clients nationwide.
Simple, smart medical alert service that intelligently routes alerts to keep care about seniors in network and at home.
Rapid Response Medical Alarms, LLC
Offers a medical alarm system with optional inactivity detection, smoke alarms, and lock boxes. Minimum service of six months followed by monthly, quarterly or semi-annual billing.
Rescue Alert
Offers medical alert system with one of the longest monitoring range.
Medical alerts & personal emergency response systems for patients, caregivers & healthcare professionals offer 24-hour emergency response.
Personal emergency response system connects to your home telephone line and electrical outlet.
Rest Assured
Offers an interactive monitoring and support system that uses motion, smoke, temperature sensors, tele-cams, speakers, microphones, and a medical alarm system in conjunction with an automated medication dispenser and on-site assistance as needed. Includes description of services and products.
SilverFox Link
Personal emergency response company with more than 30 years of experience in the monitoring service and handling their customers' emergencies.
Vital Link
Offers medical alarm systems and remote pull-cord activators billed monthly, automated medication dispensers, and lock boxes.
Wireless Medical Alert
Life Beacon is a GPS medical alert systems and bracelets. Annual and monthly billing.
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