Skin care products that are made with natural or herbal ingredients, or are alternatives to products with chemical substances that may irritate the skin, be comedogenic (acne prone) or have undesirable side effects for certain categories of people.

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Sustainable skin care products based on shea butter from Togo and handcrafted in Olympia, Washington. Includes creams, lotions, soaps, hair care and gift sets. Certified Fair Trade.
Aurora Botanicals
Features all-natural skin care products including lotions, cream, oils and soap.
Australian Bodycare
Tea tree oil products effective against bacteria, fungi and virus on and deep inside the skin.
Bee Shea
Offering natural shea butter and lip balm products.
Sells organic skincare and apothecary products and aromatherapy products.
Blue Sage Naturals
Natural topical treatments to fade scars, heal eczema and other skin disorders, and moisturize.
Burt's Bees
Offering natural personal care products based on herbs, flowers, botanical and essential oils, beeswax and clay.
Canary Cosmetics
Pure, fragrance-free mineral powder makeup designed for the chemically-sensitive. Also offers vegan moisturizers and lip balms, as well as natural personal care products.
CM Naturals
Lotions, creams, and shower products made from shea butter and natural oils.
Common Sense Farm Natural Soap & Bodycare
A maker and seller of natural personal bodycare products including lotions, salves, oils, cleansers and castile soap.
Djinni Corporation
Aloe Vera moisturizers and natural botanical extracts in skin care and cosmetic products.
Evergreen Research
Offers a few natural beauty products, an insect repelling Bug Button, a cedar disk to keep clothing from moth damage, and aroma disks.
Fruit Oil Therapeutics
Products made with natural fruit oils to nourish, protect, and revitalize sensitive, dry and damaged skin. Soaps, lotions, cremes, and lip balm.
Heal My Hands
Offers skin and lip formulas with healing botanicals and moisturizers. Creamy concentrated and convenient to carry cakes for chapped, dry or rough skin.
Herbs of Grace, Inc.
Offering natural mineral makeup, vegan lip balms, unblended micas and oxides, and bronzers.
High Sierra Soap Company
Soaps, lotions, bath products, and room sprays.
Indian Meadow Herbals
An established, environmentally conscious herbal company, manufacturing organic skin care and medicinal extracts.
African black soap and shea butter, originally from Ghana.
Oh! Naturale
Natural creams with Australian Bush Flower Essences for women and men.
Sappo Hill Soapworks
Makers of all-natural, hand-made round soap, with no animal products used in its manufacture. Includes a list of retailers and contact information.
Selly Green
Sells non-toxic cleansers, liquid soap, and degreaser.
Sharzu of San Luis Obispo
Jojoba-Almond Oil Lotion and Jojoba Creme. Pure, natural, fresh ingredients in a simple formula to replenishes sebum -skin's natural oil.
Skinourishment, Inc.
Skin and body care products that are non-toxic and natural.
Handmade organic skin care products and massage oils.
Vital Earth Ltd
Personal care products available in New Zealand, made from aloe vera, avocado oil and tea-tree oil bases.

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