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Beauty Magnets
Magnetic, natural face-lift products, includes recipes and testimonials.
Best Health Centre
Quantronics, kinesiology, and electronic resonance systems. Also offers books on related topics.
Wool mattress underlays and pet beds.
Biomagnetics USA
Wraps and body bands for humans and animals, and tape to magnetize water.
Centurion Systems
Magnetic pulse therapy equipment for use on humans and animals. Also offers equipment rentals in the UK.
Curatronic Ltd.
Magnetic field therapy equipment for home care and clinical therapy including pain management and energy regulation systems, with product specifications and scientific information.
Daily Living Products
Biomagnetic products assisting with pain relief including bedding, body supports and braces, jewelry, and chairs.
Dr. Bakst Magnetics
Pain relief products including supports and braces, insoles, and jewelry.
E-Magnet Shop
Mattress pads, wraps, insoles, jewelry, and pet products. Includes Gauss ratings and related articles.
EarthPulse Biomagnetic
Pulsed electro magnetic therapy device for better sleep.
Emerson World Wide
Therapeutic wraps for a variety of joint and muscle pains, also offering direct application single magnets.
EZ Pain Relief
Offering bedding, shoe inserts, jewelry, and wraps.
Happy Daze Magnets
North Pole facing rare earth magnets for pain relief.
Bioelectric pulser, and colloidal silver zappers and generators.
Kimberly Health Products
Jewelry, discs, supplements, insoles, and pet products.
Handcrafted products including pillows, belts and wristbands, insoles, and jewelry. Includes product descriptions and newsletter.
Magnetic Health Care
Offers magnetic jewelry, wraps, mattress pads, and pet products.
Magnetic Therapy Sales
Magnets for support and pain reduction.
MagnetiCare, LLC.
Single magnets and magnetized skin care products.
Mattress pads for standard and water beds.
Magnets 4 Health
Provides a range of magnetic health products and information.
Magnets 4 Therapy
Australian supplier of neodymium magnetic products. Includes usage information.
Magnopulse International Ltd.
Body wraps and pads for people and pets.
Natural Feeling
Biomagnetic mattresses and pillows, body wraps, shoe inserts, cushions, and spots magnets.
North South Magnetics
Silver and copper jewelry. Also offers pet products and body wraps.
Glove, sock, and wrap electrodes. Also offers neuro-muscular stimulation equipment.
Copper and gold jewelry, back supports, and rubbing oil.
Shanghai Magnet and Biotech, Ltd
Magnetic plaster discs for pain relief and healing, highlighting acupuncture points for proper placement.
Synergy For Life
Sleep systems, insoles, wraps, jewelry, and water.
World of Magnets, Ltd.
Pain relief through jewelry, wraps, pet collars, and bedding.

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