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5th Element Products
Offering bulk herbs, teas, aromatherapy, bath and body products, and essential oils. Also offers candles, books, and related herbal accessories.
Offers a nasal spray, dietary supplements, and skin care products containing capsaicin from hot peppers.
Alfa Vitamins Laboratories, Inc.
Herbal remedies, minerals, vitamins, and nutritional supplements. Features health news, specials, and product guarantee.
All-Vita NorthWest
Pharmaceutical grade herbal formula supplements and topical treatments.
Alternative Medicine Unlimited
Bulk herbs, extracts, blended combinations, aromatherapy, and remedy specific formulas.
Amazon Discovery
Herbal supplement formulated from herb extracts from the Amazon Rainforest.
Ameriden International, LLC
A variety of supplements and specialty formulas, specializing in olive leaf extract.
Anytime Herbal
Single herbs and special preparations for a variety of ailments from India.
Artemis Herbs
Organic tinctures, dried herbs, aromatic waters, oils, and creams. Includes information for using herbs, contra-indications, and drug interactions.
Formulas based on Japanese medicine. Includes research studies.
Avena Botanicals
Featuring tinctures, compounds, oils, teas and bodycare products.
Batory Asset Management, Inc.
Supplements, ointments, and specialty formulas. Includes research data and articles.
Belle's Botanicals
Essential and carrier oils, dried herbs, aromatherapy lamps, and diffusers. Also offers massage tools and related books.
Bennett Natural Products
Offers peppermint oil based products from Denmark.
Black Kat Herbals
Single herb and blended formulas, homeopathics, teas, and topial treatments. Also offers herbals for pets.
Blessed Herbs
A family owned and operated business that provides a large selection of bulk herbs and herbal products to herbalists, health food stores, and individuals.
Blessed Maine Herb Farm
Herbal products made with certified organic and wild-gathered herbs and flowers. Includes teas, tinctures in organic alcohol, salves, beauty care, and incense.
Center for Natural Healing
Specializing in liquid herbal extracts, oils, salves, elixirs, internal cleansing kits, and children's herbal products. Lists monthly specials, clearance items, and policies.
Chakra 4 Cafe and Apothecary
Bulk, tinctures, specialty formulas, and carrier oils. Also offers custom blending.
Chi's Enterprises, Inc.
Whole herb formulas and specialty blends. Also offers salves and ointments.
Clinique Lafontaine
Essential oils and aromatherapy, plant complexes and herbal remedies, skin care products, and botanical mineral formulas.
Crystal Garden Herbs
Wild crafted single herb formulas, specialty blends, teas, and body care products.
D'Arcy Naturals
Alternative medicine remedies in single herb and specialty formulas. Also offers a symptoms and solutions directory.
Dragon Herbarium
Herbal pharmacy offering bulk herbs, spices, teas, essential oils,and tinctures. Also offers related products and accessories.
Dry Creek Herb Farm
Wildcrafted teas, tinctures, oils, specialty blends, and bulk herbs. Includes newsletter, recommendations, and formulas.
Earth Images Pty. Ltd
Australian company offering organically grown herbs, teas, and a range of body care products.
Eastpark Research, Inc.
Offers patented olive leaf extract hair and skin care products, and supplements.
Supplements, skin care, and teas specializing in reishi mushroom blends.
Ecuadorian Rainforest, LLC.
Herbal supplements and powders, and fruit and vegetable extracts.
El Milagro Herbs
Organic and wild crafted extractions, teas, and body care products.
Everything Herbs
Herbal remedies, essential oils, Chinese medicines, and teas. Includes a guide to herbs and their uses.
Supplements, teas, tinctures, and skin care products. Also offers culinary herbs.
Fruit Essentials
Cranberry and other fruit extracts from seed oils and dried plants.
Gaia Garden
Batch crafted organic or wild harvested dried herbs, tinctures, tea blends and remedies.
Ginseng Domain
Ginseng extracts and capsules, royal jelly, guarana, and aloe vera products.
Go With Herbs
Herbs, consultations, aromatherapy, Chinese herbs and homeopathics.
Golden Earth Herbs
Healing salves, flower essences, and tinctures for mood enhancement.
Good for You America
Swedish bitters, maca supplements, and green food tablets. Also offers water filters.
Grandma's Herbs
Herbal formulas that promote better health.
Green Valley Herbal Enterprises
A Colorado certified organic establishment offering a wide range of herbal products, gifts, herbal teas and monthly recipes.
Green Woman Herbs
Offers online ordering of organic, herbal products such as herbal remedies, all natural skin care, gift baskets, herb teas.
Guaraná Company Ltd
Guarana supplements, natural stimulants, botanicals, and energy drinks from the Brazilian amazon rainforest.
H & M Herbs
Located in Fort Oglethorpe, GA. Herbs for weight loss, energy and health.
Health Center For Better Living
Offers alternative health care products, vitamins, and herbal remedies.
Health Promotions International Pty Ltd
Ross Gardiner Medicines from Nature, herbal medicines and food supplements.
A Healthy New You
Barley green, herbal fiberblend, digestive, supplements, diet and fiber.
Herb Awareness
Custom formulas for supplements, topical treatments, and oils. Also offers single and bulk herbs.
Herb Pharm Inc.
Manufacturers of liquid herbal extracts, compounds and tonics. Includes articles, employment opportunities, and a blog.
The Herb Shop Connection
Offers herbal remedies and alternative medicine for natural health.
Herb, Medicines and Therapeutics
Products for arthritis, ulcer, sexual disorder and other disorders. Information as well as contact details for ordering.
Herbal Advantage
Supplements, extracts, topical formulas, and whole herb products. Also offers culinary spices and tea.
Herbal Cafe
Offers loose-leaf herbal tea, green tea and herb products, including tinctures and whole food supplements. News and views, about the company and contact details
Herbal Powers
Supplements, coffee, and specialty formulas from the Far East.
Herbal Remedies USA, LLC
Herbal supplements, cosmetics and skin care, tea, and essential oils.
The Herbalist
Therapeutic herbal products for internal and external use including extracts, glycerites, teas, and massage oils.
Herban Avenues
Herbal lotions, teas, tinctures, and bath products, includes online catalog and children's gifts.
Provides Pau D'Arco and rooibos tea, as well as stevia concentrate. Includes information on benefits and preparation, recipes and articles.
Herbhealer, Inc.
Medicinal herb teas, oils, supplements, and beauty products, with product descriptions and message board.
Herborium Inc.
Offering herbal supplements for use with acne and rosacea, sexual health, and energy restoration.
Herbs By Lisa
Natural herbal products including single herbs, men and women formulas, weight loss products, Chinese, essential oils, and children's herbs.
Herbs For Health
A Canadian based supplier of herbal capsules, ointments, teas, parfums, spices and seasonings.
Herbs Hands Healing
Herbal treatments, teas, waters, body care products, massage and essential oils. Qualified herbalists, online shop, free catalogue. Established since 1978.
Herbs of Grace
Organic, wild crafted and conventional herbal supplements from sustainable sources.
Herbs of Light
Wildcrafted herbal blends and extracts. Highlights product formulas and Biodynamics information.
Herbs, Gardens & Health
Herbal remedies, vitamins, and supplements, as well as natural and organic toiletries and cosmetics.
Himalaya Herbal Healthcare
Offering pharmaceutical grade herbal remedies.
Himalaya Pure Herbs
Herbal extracts, blends, specialty formulas, and body care products.
Hoosier Herbal Remedy
Vinegar based herb supplement for weight loss.
Designed to naturally relieve pain and stress.
In Harmony Herbs
Certified organically grown or harvested from the wild herbs, seeds, and extracts. Also offers spices and teas.
Incense Magic Limited
Medicinal herbs and blends, tinctures, flower oils, and skin care products. Also offers culinary herbs.
Organic herbs and spices, essential oils, equestrian herbs, and tinctures.
Jean's Greens
Providing herbs and accessories including teas, extracts, oils, homeopathic remedies, jars, and beauty products.
Jiaogulan Herbal Products
Explore the herb Jiaogulan and its medicinal qualities - how it is used to treat both men's and women's problems, and to enhance performance.
Judy's Organic Herbs
Dried herbs, oils, teas, tinctures, and supplements.
Lakon Herbals
Skin care from nature's pharmacy. Massage and body oils, skin care products, and organic herbal massage lotions.
Lark's Herbs & Oils
Organic essential and massage oils, supplements, teas, soaps, and candles.
Lavender Moon Herb Gardens
All-natural skin care products made from organic herbs. Also offers first-aid products, teas, oils, salves, extracts, and gift baskets.
Leaves and Roots
Supplying all your herbal needs. Bulk and individual herbs. Oils, both massage and essential. Herbal supplies and books.
Life Balm
Herbal products featuring Dr Christopher's Original Formulas, a health library, and book store.
Life Thyme Botanicals
Organic herbs, spices, teas, handmade soaps, and bath and body care products. ALso offers books and candles.
Long Creek Herb Farm
Supplements, dream pillows, specialty formulas. Also offers books and pet products.
Marilyn Farms
Supplements, vitamins, cleansing kits, and herbal household cleaners.
Maui Medicinal Herbs, Inc.
Organics grown in Hawaii including kava, noni, and echinacea. Also offers skin care products.
Mercy Oil
Oils from nigella sativa for internal or topical use.
Mount Spring International Corp.
Offers organic green and black teas, formulated herbal supplements, soaps and creams, all from China.
Mountain Garden's
Single and blended formula tinctures, fresh and dried herbs, seeds, and plants. Also offers apprenticeships and workshops.
Mountain Rose Herbs
Product information on organic medicinal herbs, herbal capsules, extracts, essential oils, and aromatherapy.
Mountain Spirit Herb Company
All natural teas and blends, salves, smoking mixtures, essential oils, bath and body oils, and dry bulk herbs.
Naka Sales, Ltd.
All natural herbal supplements and health products, with product list and ailment remedies.
Natural Health Hut
Herbal tinctures and specialty formulas. Includes product specifications and general herb information.
Natural Source International
Dietary supplements which help regulate the biological systems in order to maintain a general equilibrium, formulated from natural extracts of tropical plants.
Naturalife Health, Ltd
All natural herbal products to improve health and combat disease. Includes product formulas, herb descriptions, and industry articles.
Naturavit, Inc.
Manufacturer of all natural herbal supplments including maca, noni, and colon cleansers.
Nature Drug
Offers herbal alternatives to specific prescription medicines, based on diagnosis.
Natures Remedies
Specialises in natural, uniquely formulated herbal products from South America and the rainforest, focusing on weight management and sexual well being.
ND Innovations
Flax hull products including ground, whole, and oil.
Neem and Karanja products including cold-pressed, oil, cake, leaf granules and bark powder.
Noor Herbals, LLC
Specially formulated supplements from wormwood for specific ailments.
Single herbs and formulas for specific ailments.
Olde Timers Herbals
Supplements and tinctures, salves, and herbal pet supplies.
Organeem, LLC
Pure, cold-pressed neem oil from India. Includes information about the neem tree and various uses of the oil.
All natural supplements and probiotics. Also offers mushrooms and detox test kits.
Penn Herb Company
Offers herbs, spices, natural remedies and essential oils to help restore and maintain a vibrant, healthy body. Includes a catalog and company information.
Peru Village
All natural herbal supplements and teas, with descriptions of the available Peruvian-native herbs. Also lists general rain forest and Peru information.
Present Moment Herbs & Books
Sale of bulk herbs and homeopathic remedies, an assortment of herbal extracts and capsules, vitamins and supplements, aromatherapy and essential oils, flower essences, natural personal care products and incense to warm the senses.
Products of Nature
Natural herbal and botanical products for hair, skin and body, and natural progesterone therapies for premenopausal and menopausal symptoms.
Radiant Wonder
Herbal and nutraceutical supplements with products and programs, specials and discounts, and related articles.
The Reynolds Office of Health and Nutrition
Offering hair analysis, nutritional and health products. Personal consultations available.
The Root Of The Matter
Organically grown maca, ginseng, goldenseal, and echinacea roots in powder and capsule form. Includes expected benefits, product comparisons, and scientific data.
Shamans Garden
Offers dried and fresh plants and seeds that are used by Shamans around the world.
Remedies from Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Tibetan practices including teas, nutritional formulas, bulk herbs, and essential oils.
Shining Mountain Herbs, LLC
Organic herbs and products including tinctures, salves, and specialty formulas.
Skye Herbals
Milk thistle liquid extract. Includes clinical data and usage instructions.
Herbal medicines, avocado nourishing cream, essential oils, and courses for herbal healing.
Specialist Herbal Supplies
Specializing in individual and herbal mixtures. Includes programmes for menopause, colon and liver. Located in the UK.
Stony Mountain Botanicals, Ltd
Bulk herbs and spices, essential oils, and supplements.
Sweet Sunnah
Medicinal plants black cumin, aka. blackseed or nigella sativa are used for natural herb immune support products like manuka honey. Natural skin and hair care products also available.
Symmetry Canady, Ltd.
Herbal supplements for a variety of ailments and health issues.
TC Bauer Company
Teas, supplements, skin care, and bath products.
Health food and nutrition center, serving the continental United States from Bedford, Texas.
Thyme For Health
Supplements, tea blends, aromatherapy, and extracts.
Offers various kinds herbal tea and capsules. Also offers Pueraria mirifica, the breast enlargement herb and Butea superba, the natural viagra herb.
Ultrateck Laboratories
Natural products for health, nutrition, gardening, and horses.
Vim N' Vigor Health And Fitness
Vitamins, minerals, herbs, specialty formulas,and supplements.
Walks With Hawks Herbs
Single herbs, teas, roots, and cuts. Includes herbal recommendations for ailment or health issue.
Well In Hand Herbals
Herbal and aromatherapy alternatives for pain, stiffness, inflammation, acne, warts, lice, minor cuts and maternity comfort.
Wild Mountain Herbs
Wildcrafted whole herbs, tinctures and extracts, and handmade soap.
Wild Weeds
Offers fresh-dried bulk herbs, hand-crafted teas, glassware, packaging bags, labels, vegetable and topical oils, essential and perfume oils, clays, beeswax and books.
Wind River Herbs
Fresh certified organic herbal products. Grown naturally in the Rocky Mountains.
Years To Your Health
Bulk herbs, single herb supplements, flower essences, extracts and elixirs, teas, and special formulas. Also offers cosmetics, books, and empty capsules.
The Yellow Emperor
Herbal extracts, soap, and hard candy. Lists ailments assisted with available products, and a newsletter.
Yemaya Natural Products
Herbal products for newborns and their moms including teas, skin creams and oils, and insect repellent.

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