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Flower Essences and Gem Essences are energy therapies made from flowers and gems. These products are usually preserved in brandy, like homeopathic remedies. Flower Essences are used for emotional healing, personal growth and spiritual growth. Unlike herbal and homeopathic therapies, flower essences can be combined with all traditional and non traditional medical approaches.

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Acorn Solutions
Custom holistic vibrational blends of flower essences and angelic essences, to assist with inner healing and create joy, gratitude, growth and balance.
Alaskan Essences, Inc.
Providing a repertory of vibrational essences in a system of flower, gem, and environmental. Also offering training and certification.
Alchemical Mage
Spiritual ascension guidance potions based on the Council of Ein Soph.
Sharon Callahan communicates with pets by phone or in person and also offers flower essences and spiritual healing.
Ancient Forest Essences
Ancient Forest Essences specializes in flower essences as well as essential oils and blends.
Aum Himalaya
Remedies from India researched by medical doctors. Environmental stress rectifiers and pain gel for local application.
Canadian distributor of Australian Bush Flower, Alaskan, and Findhorn essences as well as books and attunement cards.
Australian Bush Flower Essences
Official site. Includes background, usage guide, society membership information, an FAQ, and ordering information.
Flower essences and instruction book.
Bailey Flower Essences
Essences and remedies, sprays, geopathic stress neutralisation. Based in the UK.
Offering personally made Guardian angel and Archangel essences. Healing essences from Merlin, Fairies, Unicorns, Dragons, and Pegasus. Special essences for healers, light or planetary workers.
Online Clinic for the treatment of negative emotions without disclosing identity. Offering treatment of addiction, weight loss, adultery, psychological problems, stress, strain management.
Desert Alchemy Flower Essences
Producing and researching flower essences from the unique environment of the Arizona deserts since 1983. Also offering gift kits and training workshops.
The Devic Essences
Flower essences and healing remedies from sacred sites.
Di Stodart
Offering online consultations for children, adults, and pets, and Rescue Remedy for First Aid or stress.
Elemental Energies
Located in British Columbia, Canada. Includes articles, consultation information, news, and background details.
For practitioners and aromatherapy, including dancing light orchid flower essences, and birch tree deva essence.
Co-created from the sacred energies of animals, flowers, minerals, sacred geometry, plus combination formulas.
Feel Bach
Specialized questionnaires to aid in formulating individualized compounds made from Bach essences.
Findhorn Flower Essences
Created from the wildflowers of Scotland, and pure water collected from sacred healing wells, prepared by the sun-infusion method. Books, products and courses available.
First Light
Range of ninety-six essences carefully made from New Zealand's ancient and native flora.
Fleurs de Vie
French distributor of many types of flower essences, also information on how to choose and use them.
Flower Essence Services
Certified organic and biodynamic herbal skin care products and flower essences for mind and body health.
Flower Essences of the Buddafield
Provides information on flower essence energy training, and selecting and using flower essences.
Garden of One Tools to Transform
Dedicated to the blooming or flowering of each individual soul/consciousness; to activate and expand your full potential and your own unique, Sacred Mission in Life through education, consultation and transformational products.
Green Hope Farm
Provides flower essences for healing purposes. Includes information about the farm and how to choose flower essences, ordering information and a product catalog.
Healing Herbs, Ltd.
Essences, creams, and five flower remedies.
Healing Waters
Flower essences, gem elixirs, and related books and tools for personal growth, emotional health and well-being.
Natural vibrational essences from around the world. Also offers a directory of seminars and practitioners in the UK.
Hummingbird Remedies
Over 200 vibrational remedies for healing and balance of body, psyche and spirit, and tools for inner transformation.
Institute of Phytobiophysics
Information and order facility for flower formulas which concentrate the healing essences in pill form.
Karen Thomson
Visualisation healing method, that can help towards bringing balance, vitality and harmony to the mind, body and spirit.
Living Flower Essences
Offering flower essences remedies, therapy, chakras, animal salves and astrological and specialty kits.
Passion Flower
Direct wholesale of capsules, chipped and ground passion flower from the Saw Palmetto Harvesting Company.
Petaltone Essences
Created from English wildflowers, used in healing people and animals, interaction with crystals, and changing the energy in buildings.
Pindare Herb Farm
Suppliers of medicinal herbs, homoeopathics, Bach and Australian Bush flower remedies. Large online at-a-glance reference sheet for Bach and Australian Bush flower remedies.
Rainflower Essence
Flower essences blends for personal growth, business success, school success and spiritual growth. Rare and hard to find single essences from Mount Shasta to Florida to deep in the Amazon rainforest.
Realm of Nature
Young essential oils, Bach flower essences, descriptions, and price list.
Sacred Space Essentials
Self-healing using gentle forms of vibrational medicine, such as Bach flower remedies and other flower essences.
Spiral Visions
Selling specially blended Chakra Flower Essences, tinctures, and remedies.
Spirit in Nature Essences
Herbal infusions from the blossoms of fresh fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Also sells a home study course with certification.
Spirit of Nature
Offers flower essences, nature travel, sacred healing ceremonies, personal and spiritual growth seminars and retreats, and free newsletter.
Star Essence
Flower and gemstone vibrational essences, and books.
Starmen Unlimited
Hawaiian flower essences, made from Kauai flowers in the Bach tradition.
Swiss Flower Power
Selling essences produced in Switzerland from pollution free flowers, produced strictly in accordance with Dr. Bach`s methods.
Talied's Reality
Vibrational essences from a certified flower essence therapist, along with other alternative healing methods.
Tree Frog Farm
All natural, alcohol-free essences for people, pets, and animals. Also offers personalized blends.

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