Products made with pure essential oils or hydrosols, designed for skincare, the bath, etc.

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Abbey Essentials
Suppliers of pure essential oils and aromatherapy products. Detailed information on each product including Material Safety Data Sheet.
Provides aromatherapy blends targeted at balancing moods and enhancing your emotional well being.
Ambiance Home Comforts
Offers a variety of scented candles, bath and body plus spa comforts.
Anderson Botanical Care
Alternative solutions for health problems, offers specific blends for specific ailments.
Aquarian Bath
All natural bath and body products. Includes toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and essential oils.
Aroma Affair
Supplies aromatherapy information, fragrance and essential oils, candles, soaps and lotions.
Aroma Crystal Vibrational Therapy
Creams and lotions based on vibrational medicine.
Aroma Health Texas
Offers hand processed, steam distilled aromatherapy products including natural skin care, fenshui misters, herbal tonics, books and tapes.
Providing over 400 all natural products, items include gifts, body care, essential oils and educational material on related subjects.
Full body steam capsules for health and relaxation. Combines the benefits of steam and aromatherapy.
Aromatherapy Clinic
Sells oil blends including anti snoring, immune boosters, eczema, energizing, relaxing, and sinuses clearing.
Artisan Scents
Specializes in products that are made by hand using natural essential oils and other elements found in nature.
Attar Bazaar
Attars manufactured by the Sufi Healer, Hakkim Chisti.
Awakening Spirit, Inc.
Specializes in aromatherapy products including creams and lotions, balms, skin and hair care, and bath and body. Custom blending for specific ailments.
Becky's Bath Salts
Essential oils and bath salts made with essential oils.
Black Pearl Botanicals
All natural hand blended perfume, home spa and skin care products.
Blue Moon Herbals & Aromatics
Offering a variety of oils, bath salts and soaks, body butter, aromatic jewelry, and diffusers. Includes a newsletter, FAQ and wholesale information.
Castle Baths
Provides natural spa and bath products with an emphasis on completely vegan and cruelty-free products.
Clavé Body Care International, Inc.
All natural bath and body products, massage oil candles, aromatherapy massage oils, artisan soaps, luxury shampoos, natural lotions, and paraben-free hair care products.
Creation Pharm
Soaps, lotions, salves, essential oils, and topical treatments. Also offers candles.
Daylee Naturals
Offers aromatherapy bath and body products as well as bath accessories.
All natural aromatherapy products including essential oils, aromatherapy candles, herbal bath products, and diffusers.
Essance LLC
Provides aromatherapy creams, body oils, powders, blends and sprays. All products have a heavy emphasis on alcohol- and synthetic-free ingredients.
Essence Maker
Maker of handmade soaps and lotions, massage and scented oils, lip balm and gift baskets. Based in Chesterland, Ohio.
Aromatherapy from Provence, France offers aromatherapy blends.
Essential Body Pleasures
Selling a variety of body scrubs, body lotions and soaps with an emphasis on aromatherapy as well as naturally sourced ingredients.
Essentially Naked Candle Company
Produces organic soaps and all natural soy candles with no artificial scents and dyes.
Providing organic and even wild harvested essential oils, with a focus on sustainable essential oil harvesting from around the world.
Uses a proven approach, dedicated to mixing and compounding the different properties of oils into a single formula for superior pain relief.
Grampa's Garden Inc.
Offers natural therapeutic products including hot/cold packs, herbal packs, essential oils, body and massage tools, and aromatherapy products.
Healing NaturalOils
Special formulas using essential oils to treat a variety of skin conditions.
Indigo Wild
Offers a range of all-natural aromatherapy products for body and home.
Irish Twins Soap Company
All natural handmade aromatherapy soaps. Made with essential oils, herbs and botanicals. Line of spa products and "green" home keeping.
Natural, organic skin care products using essential oils to help heal the body and spirit.
Bath and body products that combine alternative therapies, including aromatherapy, essential oils and homeopathy.
Lea Lu
Handmade soaps, essential oils, aromatherapy bath and skin care products made from totally natural ingredients, available to purchase on-line.
Maggie's Pharm
Offering a variety of custom lotions, oils, soaps, shampoos, and conditioners with many other products available.
Maui Excellent
Natural bodycare, bath, and massage products from special blends of essential oils.
Miami Aromatherapy, Inc.
Site offers an array of aromatherapy synergies, and information about aromatherapy in general.
New Moon Bodywork and Botanicals
Products based on healing qualities of essential oils and herbs, including massage and body oils, lip and hand balms (many made with infused herbs as well as essential oils) room sprays and bath salts.
Noir Naturals
A manufacturer of natural bath, body and aromatherapy products, in Louisiana and Texas.
Of the Goddess Ltd.
All natural bath and body products, essential and fragrance oils, and massage lotions.
Ozark Herbals
Home-based business providing herbal soaps, bathing products and essential oils
Pure Earth Elements by DSA Aromatherapy
Holistic health consulting business with emphasis on aromatherapy lotions and oils, acupressure, and Chinese herbals.
Samish Bay
Natural soaps, sprays, and oils. Also offers bulk lavender.
Soma Enterprises, LLC
Offering a line of natural body and skin care products. Includes gift packaging and a newsletter.
Spa Sensations
Body care products for face, hands and feet.
TLC Products
Located in Northridge, California, this company sells aromatherapy, soapmaking and lotion making supplies such as fragrances, essential oils, butters and waxes.
Twelve Corners
Offers products for skin care, herbs, honey, aromatherapy, and goods for professional massage therapists.
Victorie, Inc
Therapeutic essential oils, candles, dead sea salts, body mist spray, and related skin care products.
Vienna's Herbal Compounds
Herbal and aromatherapy compounds for hair, skin, and feet.
Warren Botanicals
Offers products for therapeutic and personal care. Also designs and manufactures private lines for spa resorts and day spas.
Zenith Supplies
Reseller of brand name lotions, creams, bodycare products; offers essential oils, fragrances and massage oils.
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