Category designed for those selling products to be used in the practice of Aromatherapy... essential oils, diffusers, etc., or products made with pure essential oils. If your products are scented with fragrance oils, rather than true essential oils please list them in more appropriate categories of the directory.

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Absolute Essential
New Zealand made essential oils, bath and beauty products, and rejuvenating skin programs.
Acadia Herbals
Herbs and spices, essential oils, organic teas, and soaps.
Amphora Aromatics
Pure essential oils, body and bath products, incense, soaps, and supplements, Also offer candles and books.
Aromatherapy Products
Essential oils, candles and incense, diffusers, and inhalation beads. Also offers feng shui products and jewelry.
Arraby's Aromatherapy
Essential oils, creams and lotions, and fragrances.
Auric Blends
Perfume oils, incense, candles, henna, and accessories.
Bonvale Creations
Provider of essential oils, electric vaporizers, wax melt warmers, oil burners and aromatherapy products. Located in Australia.
Clear Light
Natural skin and hair care products, sachets, and potpourri made with a green cedar fragrance.
Cloverleaf Farm
Handmade products for children, skin care, medicinal, teas, and spices.
Creating Harmony, LLC
Handmade essential oils and flower essences, skin care products, and salves and tinctures.
Crystal Mountain
Essential and fragrance oils, hand dipped incense, and aroma jewelry.
Store in New York City specializing in essential oils, agarwood, and aromatics. FAQ and articles.
Lab of Flowers
Essential and carrier oils, bath and body products, hair and skin care, flower waters, and diffusers.
Lavender Fanatic
Essential oils, dried buds, wreaths, pillows, and sachets.
Offering wild-crafted essential oils, perfumes, skin care, gift sets, and bulk natural ingredients.
Magic Essence
Essential and carrier oils, soaps, massage oils, vaporisers, incense and candles, and flower water.
Medicine Flower
Pure essential and massage oils, body and bath products, lotions, and diffusers.
Picture Perfect Gifts, Inc.
Aroma lamps, scented oils, incense, and accessories.
Quinessence Aromatherapy
Organic essential oils and hydrosols, skincare, massage oils, and accessories.
Red Flower
Bodycare products, candles, and teas.
Spiritual Sky Incense
Incense, essential oils, soaps and body care products, and herbal creams. Also offers tips for inspirational living.
Trillium Organics
Organic cosmetics, lip balm, body oils, and perfumes.
Wellcat Herbs
Essential and base oils, lotions, and accessories. Also offers culinary herbs.

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