This category is for personalized gift items that are a printed product. This may include text and/or artwork and will include names and/or other personal information.

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Art and Soul, Inc
Watercolor caricatures detailed to depict the lives and interests of the purchaser.
Specializing in a combination of ink and watercolor, creating hand detailed art that captures the unique qualities of a home or business property.
3-Dimensional collages created from personal photos, mementos, and other memorabilia.
First Name Meanings
Laminated prints of first name featuring meaning, origin, root, and personality traits.
Gift of a Lifetime
Photos and quotes gathered from friends and family, available in a framed print or on digital DVD.
Jenns Gift Closet
Offering matted prints with personalized cartoons. Includes themes about interests, occupations and family.
Julia D Azar Designs
Offers prints based on original artwork. Categories include boys, girls, and sports.
A Keepsake Gift
Name analysis and poetry, birth announcement, and pet pedigrees that are printed on art backgrounds.
Labels Galore
Address labels with pictures of cartoon characters, pop stars, athletes and other celebrities.
Name Painting Art
Name prints hand painted in flower art or Chinese calligraphy.
Names and More
Name origins and meanings certificates.
Cartoons drawn for any special event or remembrance.
New Bold Odes
Capture personal sentiments in a customized verse which is then printed on a certificate or card.
Graphic design silhouette prints with a range of design choices including hobbies, sports, occupations and special events.
Phantasy Photos
Turn a personal photo into an original art gift.
Prints Charming
Name definition prints and special day chronicles. Includes embossing and laminating options.
Silver Dragon Gallery
Oriental dragon prints with name or message in Chinese calligraphy.
Specialty Names
First name meanings and origins. Matting and framing available.
SSCC Gifts
Creating a short poem using the letters of any first name. Also offers birthday chronicles.
TCI Publishing Company
Detailing historical events to commemorate specific dates on custom designed and framed certificates.
Trixie Pix Graphics
Offers practical joke and gag news articles, certificates, joke products, and custom-written articles for any occasion.
Framed children's name signs with art prints for each letter or photos cut into letters.
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