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Amish Country Popcorn
Order popcorn, poppers, flavorings and gift sets.
Boodles of Popcorn
Gourmet popcorn in gift tins delivered in Canada and the United States.
Brandmeyer Popcorn Company
Processor and packager of Iowa State and Lotta-Pop popcorn. Sells decorated tins of flavored popcorn.
Colby Ridge
Caramel, cheese and flavored popcorn. Available in tins and gift packs.
Colorado Popcorn Gourmet
Flavored and colored popcorn in tins. Ships internationally.
Offers many flavors of gourmet popcorn. Also offers customized products. Ships throughout the United States and to Puerto Rico.
Cracklin Gourmet Popcorn
Offers sweet, savory and coated flavors. Order by telephone.
Crown Jewel Gourmet Popcorn
Many varieties of popcorn, seasonings and poppers. Ships worldwide.
Deanan Gourmet Popcorn
Flavored and gourmet popcorn selections for gifts and fund raising. Available in cellophane packets and creative metal canisters that are recyclable. Ships worldwide.
Fireworks Popcorn Company
Includes popping instructions, and nutritional information. Offers various flavors of popcorn, seasonings, gifts, and poppers. Ships worldwide.
Fisher's Popcorn
Offering caramel, peanut, white cheddar and butter popcorn in collectible gift canisters. Ships in United States and to Canada.
Freedom Snacks
Colored and flavored popcorn for fundraisers, party favors, corporate gifts. Smaller quantities also available for purchase.
Garrett Popcorn Shops
Featuring CaramelCrisp, CheeseCorn and other popcorn products packed in gift cans and shipped world wide.
Gutwein Popcorn Company
Gourmet popcorn, including microwave packages and gift sets. Ships worldwide.
The Humphrey Company
Order old-fashioned popcorn balls, gift tins, taffy kisses and Euclid Beach commemorative ornaments.
Jody's Popcorn
Many flavors of popcorn available in bags or sports and college team gift tins.
Johnson's Caramel Popcorn
A variety of flavors for corporate, wholesale, and retail. Available in tubs, tins and buckets.
Jolly Time Pop Corn
Recipes, promotions and list of retailers in the United States and Canada.
Just Poppin
Offers gourmet popcorn and kernels in tins and canisters. Also sells accessories, oil and seasonings. Ships worldwide.
Kernel Encore Gourmet Popcorn
Gourmet popcorn in a wide variety of flavors, in bags and tins. Gift baskets, supplies and popcorn balls.
Kernel Season's
Seasoning that can be sprinkled on microwave or air-popped popcorn. Flavors include Cheddar, Cajun, jalapeƱo and apple-cinnamon. Also offers a selection of poppers and accessories.
KuKuRuZa Popcorn Shop
Offers a variety of handmade popcorn products. Includes bags, sample packs, popcorn balls, spiked popcorn, and gift baskets and tins.
Merritt-Pop Popcorn Company
Offering unpopped and raw popcorn, microwave, popping supplies.
MOM and POPcorn
Offers gourmet flavored popcorn in tins, baskets, bags and balls. Also has a large selection of nostalgic candy and popcorn gifts.
Mother Butters Popcorn and Confectionery
Offers gourmet flavored popcorn, including customized gifts and wedding favors.
Nosh Gifts
Gourmet flavored, hull less and regular popcorn, and gift baskets.
Panhandle Popcorn
Ordering for popcorn tins, popcorn and concession machines.
Pike's Peak Gourmet Popcorn
Featuring a wide variety of flavored choices, packaged in tins. Also offering gift baskets.
Pirate's Popcorn
Offers flavored and gourmet popcorn, and gifts. Ships in continental USA.
POP! Gourmet Popcorn
Offering gourmet popcorn for all occasions.
The Popcorn Colonel
Gourmet popcorn popped fresh and packaged in decorative gift tins, gift boxes or by the bag.
Popcorn Palace
Gourmet flavored customizable popcorn sold in tins and bags. Ships to United States and Canada.
Popcorn Papa
Popcorn in a variety of flavors, sold in tins and theme gift boxes, and in bags. Also stocks candy and bubble gum.
The Popcorn Shop and More
Gourmet popcorn in a variety of flavors, and candies such as chocolate covered sunflower seeds.
Popcorn Wagon Frankenmuth
Offers flavors of savory, candied, and traditional popcorn. Gift boxes and tins, popping equipment and seasoning.
Gourmet popcorn and gift baskets in a variety of flavors.
Movie theater popcorn, poppers, seasonings, and nut and coffee gift baskets. Includes recipes. Ships in the United States and to Canada.
Cases and tins include flavors like cheese, caramel and cashew infused caramel. Wholesale and retail sales. Ships throughout the United States and to Canada.
Gourmet popcorn in a variety of flavors, in tins.
Preferred Popcorn
Corn grown and sold as bulk, microwave, all-in-one kits, and smaller 2 lb poly bags. Includes wholesale and history. Ships to United States and Canada.
Rural Route 1 Popcorn
Microwave or flavored popcorns, ready to eat snacks, sold by the box or in tins. Wholesale and fund-raising opportunities available.
Schneider's Gourmet World
Features a variety of seasonings, popcorn seeds, coconut and canola oil and chips made from either corn, potato, rice or wheat flour. Ships to United States and Canada.
Seattle Popcorn
Uncle Woody's brand varieties of caramel corn, truffle salt, and cheddar popcorn.
Tin Roof Popcorn Company
Sells tins, and bags in a variety of different flavors.
Topsy's Popcorn
Offers popcorn gifts, refills, decorative canisters. Flavors include cheese and caramel. Ships in the United States and to Canada.
Uncle Bob's Popcorn
Provides popcorn, cotton candy and sno cone supplies and equipment.
Uptown Popcorn
Gourmet popcorn in a variety of sweet and savory flavors. Also offers gift boxes and tins.
Yoder Popcorn
Home of Tiny Tender Popcorn and popcorn supplies including oils and poppers. Ships throughout the United States and to Canada.
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