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38 Pecans
Lockhart, Texas. Pecan meal, in-shell, halves, pieces, and flavored pecans.
Adams Pecan
Union Springs, Alabama. Halves, pieces, in-shell, pecan meal, and flavored pecans.
B&B Pecan Co.
Fairhope, Alabama. In-shell, halves, pieces, and candied pecans.
Bandera Foods
Allen, Texas. Offers sweet and spicy flavored Killer pecans.
Bass Pecan Company
Lumberton, Mississippi. In-shell, halves, pieces, flavored, candies, and pecan pies, plus jellies, syrup, and honey butter.
Benson Park Pecans
Shawnee, Oklahoma. Offers in-shell, halves, and flavored pecans. Also have pecan oil.
Berdoll Pecan Farms
Texas in-shell, cracked, shelled, and candied pecans. Also offer shellers, honey butter, and pecan oil.
Billie's Pecans
Crenshaw, Mississippi. Has halves, pieces, flavored, candies, and baked goods.
Black's Pecans
Hickman, Kentucky. Offers in-shell, pieces, halves, flavored pecans, candies, and pecan pies and tarts.
Boenig Pecans
Has cracked, whole, and shelled pecans by the pound.
Bostick Fresh Pecans
Camilla, Georgia. Sells in shell, shelled, and candied pecans during the harvest season only.
Bragg Pecan Farms
Offers cracked and whole pecans, halves, pieces, and nut crackers. Hondo, Texas.
Bryant Pecan Company
Ada, Oklahoma. Halves, cracked, pieces, flavored pecans, candies, and other food products.
Byrd's Pecans
Missouri. Halves, in-shell, cracked pecans, and other food products.
Cane River Pecan Company
Gift bags, tins or baskets of natural or flavored halves. Boxes of pieces, halves, or in-shell whole or cracked pecans. New Iberia, Louisiana.
Caprock Pecans
Shallowater, Texas. Offers boxes of halves and pieces.
Carolina Nut Cracker
Mount Olive, North Carolina. Whole, cracked, pieces, and pecan halves, plus other nuts.
Circle's Pecans & Country Store
Sells candied, gift-boxed, cracked and halved pecans. Also sells rubs and seasonings and bakery goods.
Classic Golden Pecans
Louisiana pecans available shelled or in seven candied flavors packaged in gift bags and tins.
Company Farm Pecans
Baskin, Louisiana. Has pieces, halves, cracked, in-shell, and flavored pecans.
Cromartie Pecans
Offers fresh shelled or in-shell pecans from southwest Georgia, shipped in November and December.
Cuero Pecan House
Cuero, Texas. Has in-shell, cracked, halves, pieces, pecan meal, flavored pecans, pecan oil, baked good, and other food products.
Davis Mountain Nut Company
Fort Davis, Texas. Providing dry roasted and hand coated pecans and pecan gifts.
Deep South Pecans
Newnan, Georgia. Offers halves, pieces, roasted, and flavored pecans.
Delta Pecan Orchard
Gourmet pecans, pecan candies and gifts. Also includes recipes.
Doubletree Pecan
Perry, Georgia. Sells in shell, roasted and salted pecans. Includes recipes.
Durden Pecan
Metter, Georgia. Has in-shell pecans, halves, and pieces.
Durham-Ellis Pecans
Comanche, Texas. Focus is on pecan products, but also offers cashews, peanuts, and walnuts.
Elizabeth's Pecans
North Carolina. Offers halves, flavored pecans, and brittle, plus other food products.
Ellis Brothers Pecans
Vienna, Georgia. In-shell, halves, pieces, flavored pecans, peanuts, other nuts, and Vidalia onion products.
Foshee Pecans
Blackwell, Arkansas. Shelled, whole, and cracked pecans.
Foster Crossing Pecans
Anna, Texas. Offers, shelled, cracked, candied, and whole pecans.
Fredericksburg Pecan Company
Offers whole and shelled pecans, candied pecan tins and gifts, pralines, brittle, and other food items.
Georgia Pecan Farms
Fort Valley, Georgia. In-shell, halves, pieces, roasted and salted, flavored pecans, pralines, and patties.
Gilbert Pecan Company
Santo, Texas. Halves, pieces, pecan and peanut brittle and other candy, snacks, cakes, pies, pecan oil, and nutcrackers.
Golden Kernel Pecan Company
Cameron, South Carolina. Halves, pieces, flavored pecans, meal, other nuts, candies, baked goods, and ham.
Good Hope Farms
Columbia, Alabama. Halves, roasted, and flavored pecans.
The Great San Saba River Pecan Company
Offers, shelled halves and pieces, whole, flavored, and cracked pecans, plus baked goods, pecan preserves and toppings, candies, and gifts.
Green Tree Pecan Company
Powell, Texas. Pieces, halves, flavored pecans, pecan oil, other nuts, candies, and elderberry juice concentrate.
Haller Pecan Farm
Grandview, Texas. Offers shelled, cracked, and whole pecans by the pound.
Hamilton Ranches
Visalia, California. Sells large boxes of halves and pieces.
Harvey's Pecans
Brunswick, Missouri. Offers halves, pieces, cracked, and flavored pecans.
Hauani Creek Farms
Madill, Oklahoma. In-shell, cracked, halves, flavored pecans, and pecan oil.
Heaton Pecans
Mississippi pecans, gift packs, and assortments.
Hogan Orchards
Alapah, Georgia. Offers bulk pecans and packaged halves.
Hudson Pecan
Ocilla, Georgia. In-shell, halves, pieces, and pecan based candies.
J.W. Renfroe Pecan Company
Pensacola, Florida. Pecans, selected other nuts, and related gifts. Includes store gallery, testimonials, recipes, and product facts.
Jack Hall's Pecans
Covington, Tennessee. Whole, cracked, and shelled pecans.
Jake Creek Pecans
Paola, Kansas. Offers shelled and cracked pecans.
Jeffreys Ranch Pecans
Williams, California. Offers in-shell, halves, and cracked pecans.
Joe C. Williams Pecans
Camden, Alabama. Halves, pieces, in-shell, roasted, and flavored pecans.
Joy's River Valley Pecans
Idabel, Oklahoma. Offers whole, cracked, and shelled pecans.
Lee's Pecans
Willcox, Arizona. Offers in-shell and cracked pecans.
Leonard Farms
Granbury, Texas. In-shell, halves, pieces, roasted, and flavored pecans. Also have cashews.
Little Duck Farms
Ray City, Georgia. Offers halves, pieces, and flavored pecans.
Louisville Pecan Company
Louisville, Alabama. Offers in-shell, halves, pieces, pecan meal, flavored, roasted, pecan tarts, pralines, and pecan logs.
Lucky Lady Pecans
Harlem, Georgia. Pecan halves, pieces, in shell, and flavored.
M & D Pecanland
Lake Balboa, California. Has halves, pieces, and candied pecans.
Merrit Pecan Company
Weston, Georgia. Pieces, in-shell, halves, flavored, and pecan based candies.
Millican Pecan Company
From Texas, whole or cracked in-shell, halves, pieces, and flavored or chocolate-covered.
Mineola Pecan House
Has whole, shelled, flavored, and cracked pecans, peanuts, fresh ground peanut butter, brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds, pecan brittle, peanut patties, and other food products.
Missouri Northern Pecan Growers
Nevada, Missouri. Offers organic and conventional pecan halves and pieces.
Molly & Me Pecans
Holly Hill, South Carolina. Offers several varieties of flavored pecans.
Morehead Pecans
Irwinville, Georgia. Offers halves and in-shell pecans, plus nutcrackers.
Natchitoches Pecans
Cloutierville, Louisiana. In-shell, cracked, halves, pieces, pecan meal, roasted pecans, flavored, pralines, and pecan log.
New Mexico Pecan Company
Las Cruces, New Mexico. Halves, in shell, pieces, roasted and salted pecans, flavored, and pistacios.
North Georgia Pecan Company
Athens, Georgia. Halves, cracked, in-shell, pieces, flavored pecans, and pecan brittle.
Oliver Pecan Company
San Saba, Texas. Offers whole, cracked, shelled, and flavored pecans, plus candies, pecan oil, and other food products.
Orangeburg Pecan Company
Orangeburg, South Carolina. Shelled halves, peanuts, peanut brittle for gifts and for fund raisers.
Osage Pecan Company
Albany, Georgia. Offers halves, pieces, flavored pecans, candies, other nuts, and dried fruit.
Pape Pecan House
Seguin, Texas. Offers whole and shelled pecans in several sizes of bags.
Paris Texas Pecan Company
Offers whole, cracked, shelled, and flavored pecans, plus pecan oil, pecan pies, pralines, and honey butters.
Pecan Grove Plantation
Bastrop, Texas. Offers halves, pieces, and whole pecans.
Pecan Producers International
Corsicana, Texas. Offers in-shell, pieces, halves, pecan meal, flavored, pecan oil, and other nuts.
Pecan Ridge
Lubbock, Texas. Cracked, in-shell, and shelled pecans. Also offer shellers and gift baskets.
Pecan Shed
Wichita Falls, Texas. Has cracked and whole pecans, fudge, and candy-coated pecans.
Pecan Shop
Offering shelled and unshelled Texas native pecans, as well as nutritional information and tips.
The Pecan Store
Sahuarita, Arizona. Pecans, gifts, chocolate pecan pie recipes, nut gift baskets, and a candied pecan recipe.
Pecans Fresh from Alabama
Enterprise, Alabama. Offers in-shell, halves, pieces, roasted, flavored, and pecan meal.
Fresh pecans, gift items, and nutcrackers. Also offers products for fundraising.
Pete's Pecans
Offers halves, in-shell, roasted, flavored, and pecan candies.
Peyton's Pecan Orchard
Camilla, Georgia. In-shell, halves, pieces, candied pecans, pecan brittle, jellies, and syrups.
Plantation Pride Pecans
Alexandria, Louisiana. Offers several varietes of flavored pecans, pecan oil, and mayhew and pecan pepper jelly.
Plumley's Country Store
Junction, Texas.Offers a selection that includes jams, jellies, pecan pies and oil and salsa. Contains information about pecans and restaurant menu.
Pointe Coupee Pecan
Glynn, Louisiana. Has halves, in-shell, and flavored pecans.
Potter Country Store
Schulenburg, Texas. Offers halves, candied pecans, brittle, pralines, and pecan pie.
Priesters Pecans
Fort Deposit, Alabama. Offers roasted and salted halves, candies, pecan pies, unshelled pecans, and gift baskets.
Prothe's Pecans
Paola, Kansas. Has halves and cracked pecans, plus black walnut pieces.
Purvis Pecan Company
Douglas, Georgia. Offers pecan meal, pieces, halves, flavored pecans, candies, and pecan oil.
Quality Pecans
Hearne, Texas. In-shell, halves, pieces, cracked, pecan meal, and flavored pecans.
Rascoe Pecans
Texas pecans grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Offering shelled halves of improved varieties.
Rattlesnake Ranch Pecans
Offers native and paper shell halves and pieces, candy coated halves, and roasted and salted halves. Crockett, Texas.
Resley Creek Pecans
Carlton, Texas. In-shell and cracked pecans, halves, flavored pecans, and brittle.
Richter Pecan Company
Dothan, Alabama. Has in-shell, pieces, cracked, halves, flavored, and pecan candies.
Rosalie Pecans
Alexandria, Louisiana. Offers halves, flavored pecans, and pecan oil.
Royalty Pecan Farm
Caldwell, Texas. Shelled halves or pieces, in-shell, custom-cracked, packed in boxes or burlap bags.
Russell's Pecans
Waco, Texas. Including nuts, party mixes, relish and syrup, and fruit preserves. Offers store history, and wholesale information.
San Saba Pecan
Offers halves, pieces, flavored pecans, pecan oil, and pecan honey butter.
Schermer Pecans
Glennville, Georgia. Has pieces, halves, and flavored pecans.
Sheffield Pecan Company
Monticello, Florida. In-shell, halves, flavored, pecan meal, pralines, and pecan meal.
Shute Pecan Company
Dothan, Alabama. In-shell, cracked, halves, pieces, flavored, pecan meal, and peanuts.
Sorrells Farms
Comanche, Texas. Halves, pieces, and flavored pecans.
South Georgia Pecan Company
Valdosta, Georgia. Has in-shell, halves, pieces, pecan meal, flavored, other nuts, and other food products.
Southern Pride Pecans
Campbell, Texas. Whole, pieces, halves, and flavored pecans.
Southern Star Pecans
Growers of Texas Western Schley and Wichita pecans, offering shelled and whole pecans.
Sparky's Pecan Outlet, Inc.
Sells plain and candied nuts, condiments and preserves.
Surratt Farms
Fabens, Texas. Shelled or in-shell, plus roasted and salted or praline flavored, in packages from 2 to 30 pounds.
Tanners Pecans
Mobile, Alabama. Halves, in-shell, pieces, roasted, flavored pecans, candies, and baked goods.
Tennessee Valley Pecan Company
Decatur, Alabama. Plain, roasted, and candied pecans, as well as pies, coffee and other pecan related desserts and merchandise.
Texas Nuthouse
Texas pecans sold by the pound, flavored, chocolate coated, or baked in a pecan pie.
Texas Pecan Company
Dallas, Texas. Halves, in-shell, pieces, and flavored pecans, many other nuts, candies, and chocolate.
Texas Pecanderosa
Sunnyvale ,Texas pecan orchard offering bags of whole or cracked nuts.
Tucker Pecan Company
Montgomery, Alabama. Halves, roasted, and flavored pecans.
Tularosa Pecan Company
Tularosa, New Mexico. Offers halves, seasoned, and coated pecans.
Valley Pecans
Chillicothe, Texas. Offers whole, shelled, flavored, and candied pecans.
Valley View Pecan Company
Shawnee, Oklahoma. Has halves, pieces, flavored pecans, candies, peanuts, and other nuts.
West Pecan Farm
Telephone, Texas. Offers halves, in-shell, pieces, flavored, and Texas chicken fried pecans.
Whaley Pecan Company
Troy, Alabama. Has a variety of pecan products including in-shell, shelled halves, and pieces as well as a selection of pecan candies and gift packages.
Wood Pecan Company
Montgomery, Alabama. Cracked, in-shell, halves, pieces, candied pecans, and roasted pecans.
Yegua Creek Farms
Elgin, Texas. Has halves, flavored pecans, trail mix, pecan oils, and pecan wood chunks.
York Pecan Company
Forman, Arkansas. Has halves, pieces, and roasted pecans.
Young Pecan Plantations
Florence, South Carolina. Pecan halves, candies, and baked goods in a variety of containers.
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