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America's Best Nut Co.
Virginia type roasted, unsalted, redskin, and blanched varieties, shipped in vacuum tins. Also includes some information about growth, types, and uses.
Aunt Ruby's Peanuts
Raw shelled peanuts packed in burlap bags with recipe booklet.
Baker's Peanuts
Sells roasted and candied peanuts, unsalted and lightly salted.
Bennett's Creek Farm Market
Unsalted, lightly salted, redskin, or Cajun flavored peanuts, plus cashews and ham.
Featuring gourmet foods and gifts; Virginia peanuts, peanut candies and hams. Gift boxes and baskets featured as well as collectibles.
The Good Earth Peanut Company
Virginia peanut products: shelled and in-shell roasted, raw, Cajun, peanut brittle, chocolate dipped, gift assortments. Recipe collection and contest on web site.
Hampton Farms
Offers roasted, Cajun, raw, and shelled peanuts. Also offer peanut candies, cashews, almonds, and pecans.
Hardy Farms
Provides fresh green boiled peanuts and peanut products. Includes locations, FAQ, products, and contact details.
Houston's Peanuts
Quality peanut products, gift baskets, and accessories.
Mackey's Ferry Peanuts
Featuring brittle, homemade peanut butter, chocolates, cookies, jams and jellies.
My Dadz Nutz
Sells roasted and caramelized Virginia redskin jumbo peanuts. Ships throughout the United States only.
Sells boiled nuts, with flavors such as Cajun, hot and spicy, and southern. Provides testimonials.
The Peanutman
Boiled peanuts from a deep south roadside peanut stand.
Picosos Peanut Company
Helotes, Texas. Offers salted, raw, roasted, and chile peanuts, other nut products, and a variety of dried fruits.
Plain Peanuts
Offered fried and flavored, in gift boxes or candied into brittle.
Powell & Stokes, Inc.
Blister fired, plain, roasted, hot and spicy, sweet and bulk peanut sales. Includes recipes and peanut information.
Royal Oak Peanuts
Offering Virginia gourmet peanuts, peanut candies, and hams.
Suffolk Peanut Center
Raw or freshly roasted Virginia jumbo peanuts, Planters products and gift packs.
Virginia Favorites, Ltd.
Virginia peanuts, hams, peanut candy, and gifts from Virginia Favorites.
Whitley's Peanut Factory
Virginia peanuts, hand cooked and roasted for entertaining or gifts. Ships to USA, Canada and APO/FPO addresses.
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