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Aidells Sausage Company
Fresh and smoked sausages in unusual flavors such as chicken and apple or smoked whiskey fennel. Also provides list of retailers, related merchandise and company information.
Altengartz, LLC
Offers bratwurst and breakfast sausage.
Arnold's Meats, Inc.
Manufacturer and retailer of smoked sausages and processed meats, selling the brands Arnold's, Caroline, and El Cerdito.
Artisan Meats
Offers all-natural gourmet sausages and meats, handmade in Canandaigua, New York. Ships in contiguous USA.
Aurelia's Chorizo
Boerne, Texas. Offers authentic Spanish style chorizo.
Bavaria Sausage Kitchen Inc.
Bratwurst made without fillers, additives or MSG.
Bavarian Sausage Express
Varieties of bratwurst and other sausages handcrafted by a 4th generation sausage maker from Austria. Denver, Colorado.
Bernie's Fine Meats
Produce a variety of German, Polish, Hungarian, Italian, and Slovenian fresh and smoked sausages, summer sausage, snack sticks, bacon, and blood sausage.
Chicopee Provision Co.
Blue Seal brand kielbasa, frankfurters, and blood sausage, and Friendship brand hoop and farmers cheese. Ships in USA.
Continental Sausage
European sausages, teewurst, cold cuts, hams, blood sausages, liver sausages, butters, cheeses, breads, chocolates, and cookies.
Daisy Brand Sausage
Offers ethnic sausages, franfurters, luncheon meat, and gift boxes.
Dearborn Sausage Company
Offers a variety of ethnic sausages, plus franks and hams.
Dom's Sausage
Malden, Massachusetts. Italian sausage, turkey tips, and marinated steak tips.
Dombrovski Meats
Offers hard and Genoa salami, pepperoni, beef jerky, and combination gift packs.
Earl Campbell Meat Products
Waelder, Texas. Offers several varieties of hot links, plus specialty seasonings and sauces.
Fortuna's Sausage Co.
Makers of extra lean Italian sausages in over 35 varieties.
Producer and retailer of various sausage such as Bratwurst, Polish, and Italian Sausage.
Gaspar's Sausage Co., Inc.
Portuguese smoked sausages including linguica and chourico.
Glier's Goetta
Covington, Kentucky. Offers breakfast sausage, bratwurst, and mettwurst.
Hofmann Sausage
Offers frankfurters, Italian sausage, hot links, bockwurst, kielbasa, and German style mustard.
Jacob's World Famous Andouille
LaPlace, Louisiana. Offers andouille and other sausages, tasso, and smoked turkey and chicken.
Jody Maroni's Sausage Kingdom
Offers a variety of chicken, duck, pork, and beef sausages.
Johnson's Sausage Shoppe
Rio, Wisconsin. Offers a variety of bratwurst and other sausages, plus beef, pork, and lamb cuts.
Johnsonville Sausage
Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Bratwurst, chorizo, beef franks, wieners, Italian sausage, ring bologna, and breakfast sausage.
Kinner Kountry Sausage
Madison, FL. Sells a variety of country sausage products, including kielbassa, chorizo, Italian, and smoked pork. Also offers gourmet pet treats.
Kiolbassa Sausage
San Antonio, Texas. Offers Polish-style smoked, beef smoked, jalapeno beef, country style, and Mexican style chorizo sausages.
Klement's Sausage
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Offers bulk packages of Chicago style hot dogs, Polish and Italian sausage, franks, liver sausage, and bratwurst.
Koenemann German Sausage Store
German style sausage with a selection of over 60 products. Ships to all 50 United States.
Lodi Sausage Company
Lodi, Wisconsin. Offers summer sausage, ring bologna, bratwurst, wieners, Polish sausage, ham, and bacon.
Louie's Finer Meats
Cumberland, Wisconsin. Offers a large variety of bratwurst, plus breakfast sausage, bacon, ham, Italian sausage, and Swedish potato sausage.
Mello's North End Manufacturers, Inc.
Offers Portuguese chourico, linguica, and morcela sausage. Fall River, Massachusetts.
Miesfeld's Meat Market
Offers bratwurst, summer sausage, kranski Slovenian sausage, bacon, ham, and meat snack sticks. Sheboygan, Wisconsin.
Molinari and Sons Salame
Dry cured salames and coppa, and raw fresh sausage.
Mulays Sausage Corporation
Hot ground and link Italian sausage.
Neto Sausage Company
Offers Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Polish sausage.
Nowicki's Sausage Shoppe
Family owned original recipe sausages, brats, landjaegers, jerkys, pickled sausages, and salami.
Old Wisconsin Sausage
Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Offers bratwurst, Polish sausage, wieners, ring bologna, meat snacks, and summer sausage.
Olsen's Sausage Shoppe
Specializes in gourmet sausage and meats including fresh and pre-cooked bratwurst, natural casing hot dogs, snack sticks, and smoked meats.
Papa Weaver's Pork
Natural pork roll and link sausage produced on a family farm originally owned by President James Madison near Orange, Virginia.
Parma Sausage Products
Offers Italian meat products, such as prosciutto, salami, pancetta, coppa secca, and cooked sausages. Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Patek’s Shiner Smokehouse
Shiner, Texas. German and Czech varieties of sausage.
Pittsburg Hot Link Packers
Pittsburg, Texas. Offers cooked, uncooked, or smoked hot link sausages.
Pleva's Meats
Market in Michigan that offers fresh and smoked meat sausages, pierogies, and dried Michigan cherries.
Ray's Own Brand
Offers Swiss, Portuguese, and Italian sausage. Also has jerky.
Renna's Meat Market
A full service meat market that specializes in Italian and Volga German sausages, as well as tri-tip. Ships in USA.
Ricci's Italian Sausage
Photos, product, recipes, history and contact details of this Pennsylvania company.
RJ Balson & Son, Inc.
Offers over 20 varieties of "bangers", handmade British specialty sausages. Available online with free shipping in the U.S. Wholesale pricing available.
Salumi Artisan Cured Meats
Offers salami and other Italian style cured meats. Located in Seattle, Washington.
Sardinha's Gourmet Foods
Fall River, Massachusetts. Offers Portuguese chourico and linguica sausages, plus imported Portuguese food items.
Siegi's Sausage Factory
Raw and cooked sausage, spreadable meats, cold cuts and cheeses, condiments and desserts.
Silver Creek Specialty Meats
Specializes in premium old world style artisan sausage. Located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
Southside Market
Elgin, Texas hot fresh or smoked sausage. Also offers hot sauce and barbeque sauce.
Stanton Meats
Alvin, Texas. Offers venison sausage, boudin, and various pork and beef sausages.
Stiglmeier Sausage
Wheeling, Illinois. Offers a variety of German sausages with a Bavarian accent.
Syracuse Casing Co. Inc.
Offers hog and sheep sausage casings for the meat industry and individual customers. Distribution throughout North America.
Syracuse's Italian Sausage Co.
Manufacturing fine sausages for both retail and wholesale. Online sales available.
Tennessee Pride Sausage
Breakfast sausage patties, links, rolls, sandwiches, and gravy.
Texas Cajun Meat Company
Offers sausage made from pork and crawfish.
Uli's Famous Sausage
Offer a variety of handmade authentic German and International sausages.
Usinger's Sausage
Gifts and bulk sausage, shipped anywhere in the continental United States.
Vaucresson’s Sausage Company
New Orleans producer of crawfish sausage, Creole pickled pork, Creole smoke sausage, tasso, and hot sausage.
Offers wieners, Polish sausage, and lunch meat.
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