Category includes sites with English language content about online sales for ethnic Dutch also know as Netherland cuisine, such as packaged meals, baking products, meats, fruits, vegetables, condiments, jams, candy, and deserts.

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Dutch Candy Store
Sells Dutch brands of candy, cookies, bakery items, sandwich spreads, coffee, and cheese. Based in the Netherlands, ships worldwide.
The Dutch Market
Features a typical assortment of traditional Dutch food items, including sweets and snacks, beverages, bread toppings, and Indonesian foods.
Dutch Stroopwafel
Offering syrup cookies. Ships worldwide.
Dutch Taste
Sells cookies, cereals, baby foods, beer, wine, liquor, meat products, candy, cheese, sauces, soups, chips, holiday specials, coffee, tea, and deserts. [Dutch, English]
Holland at Home
Sells beer, baking mixes, baby food, bread spreads, rusk, cheese, chips, coffee, tea, cocoa, cookies, crackers, candy, fruit drinks, soups, meats, and spice cake. Also, offers games, toothpaste and magazines.
Holland's Best
Traditional Dutch and Indonesian imported pastries, cookies, cheeses, and spices. Has grocery, giftware and goods for sale.
Sells Dutch coffee, tea, chocolate, peanut butter, breakfast cake, soup mixes, mashed potatoes, cheeses, waffles, Natreen sweeteners, and candy. Also, sells Indonesian Conimex brand items.
Offering souvenirs, embroidery, Deft Blue earthenware, ties, shawls, and stuffed animals. Site offered in English and Dutch.
I Love Stroopwafels
Netherlands-based supplier of Dutch stroopwafel cookies (thin waffles with a syrup filling). Also sells coffees and baking mixes.
A Touch of Dutch
Dutch grocer in Washington state offers traditional and seasonal foods, as well as Indonesian foods and spices, and Blue Delftware and other gifts.
Typical Dutch Stuff
Offers a large selection of typical Dutch products, primarily sweets, coffee, and tea, as well as some non-food items. Based in the Netherlands, worldwide shipping.
Yummy Dutch
Offers a wide collection of Dutch food products as well as recipes that can be used with the products. Based in Holland, ships worldwide.
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