Shopping Food Confectionery Taffy and Toffee
Taffy and toffee are candies made with boiled sugar or molasses. Usually, toffee is hard, whereas taffee is stretched and becomes more chewy.
Arizona Toffee Company
Handcrafted toffee with or without almonds or pecans and topped with chocolate.
Awesome Toffee
A sweet buttery candy with almonds and garnished with chocolate and almonds.
Brandini Toffee
Homemade toffee with dark chocolate and roasted almonds, available in gift baskets or boxes.
Cary's of Oregon
A variety of toffees shipped individually or in gift basket arrangements.
Cayman Taffy Company
Handmade salt water taffy, in a variety of flavors.
Coons Old English Toffee
Sales of handmade toffee by the box or case.
Elaine's Toffee Co.
Toffee in milk chocolate or dark chocolate, with pecans or peanuts. Also offers a sugar-free variety. Ships in Canada and USA.
Combines the flavors of pecans in English toffee. Available hand dipped in milk or dark chocolate. Available October 1 through April only.
Enstrom Candies
Candy covered in chocolate. Includes nutritional facts, recipes using toffee, and store locations.
FernCreek Confections
A Colorado based maker of milk or dark chocolate almond toffee in boxes from one-half to two pounds. Ships in USA.
James' Candy Company
Makers of chocolate seal and salt water taffy, fudge. Includes filled centers, macaroons and mints.
Let Them Eat Toffee!
Made with Georgia pecans or macadamia nuts, and also offers chocolate-covered cookies or fruit, and pistachio bark.
Nashville Toffee Company
Milk or dark chocolate covered candy with almonds, available in an assortment of sizes.
New England Toffee Company
Handmade almond, pecan and nut free toffee available in many different flavors.
Palm Springs Taffy
Assortment bags or boxes of salt water taffy in 10 flavors.
Paraiso Delicacies
Chocolate covered toffee, truffles, and caramel apples.
Patty O's
Milk or dark chocolate-covered pecan toffee in 1-pound units. Ships in USA; pick-up available in Dallas, Texas area.
Rushmore Mountain Taffy Shop
Offers salt water and diabetic taffy, fudge, and candy.
Scotchwood Candy Company
A Wisconsin based maker of handmade English Toffees, butter crunches, candies, specialty coffees and corporate gift sets.
Steeplechase Olde English Toffee
Homemade chocolate toffee with almonds and pecans.
Taffy Shop
Salt water variety in a wide selection of flavors.
The Toffee Company
Offers Texas pecan toffee.
The Toffee House
Handmade English toffee, made with American chocolate, almonds and walnuts. Available in decorated tins, from 1/2 to 5-pound sizes.
Vern's Toffee House
Butter almond toffee with no preservatives; shipped worldwide for personal or business gifts.
Z-Best Enterprises Inc.
Old fashioned English toffee, available November 1 through March 1.
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