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Absinthe Kits
Specializes in exotic and hard to find organic Absinthe steeping kits and pure organic wormwood.
Alternative Beverage
Beer making and wine making ingredients and equipment for home brewing.
Aqua Vitae
Stockists of home brewing, distilling and wine making products.
Art of Brewing
Selling wine, beer, cider, liqueur and spirit kits as well as ingredients and equipment.
Art's Brewing Supplies
Full line of homebrewing and winemaking supplies. Serving homebrewers, pubs and micro breweries.
Austin Homebrew Supply
Beer, wine, and mead making supplies and equipment.
Beer and Wine Hobby
Complete home wine and beer making supplies.
Beer Essentials
Beer and wine making supplies and ingredients. Also mead, cider, soda supplies, kegs, grains, and hops.
Beer Necessities
Offering beer-making equipment, recipe kits, and other supplies.
The Beer Nut
Homebrewing and winemaking equipment, supplies and advice. Also provides an open forum for discussion of homebrewing practices.
The Beverage People
Brewing supplies and recipes.
Brehm Vineyards
Offering vinifera wine grapes to home winemakers and small wineries year round. Also a discussion board.
The Brew Hut
Beer and winemaking supplies and hints for home brewing.
Brewers Connection
Arizona homebrew and winemaking supply shop. Includes recipes and how-to articles.
The Brewshop at Cornells
Offering products and advice for the novice to the experienced homebrewer.
Cellar Homebrew
Offers a selection of supplies and equipment.
Click a Brew
Wine kits, wine additives and labels, beer kits, beer additives and extracts, The Beer Machine, bar supplies and books.
Culver City Home Brewing Supply
Homebrewing supply store offering brewing ingredients and equipment.
E. C. Kraus Home Wine Making Supplies
Offers kits and equipment for making homemade wine. Also features wine recipes and articles.
E.J. Wren Home Brewer
Offering beer and winemaking equipment, starter kits, ingredients, cleaners and sanitizers, sodas and extracts, and books.
Fall Bright, The Winemakers Shoppe
Fall Bright retails Finger Lakes, NY grown grapes, juices, brewing, and winemaking supplies for the amateur winemaker and brewer. Catalog also available.
Flying Barrel
Offers beer and winemaking supplies and related products.
Freshops and Rootstock
Purveyors of whole hops, hop rhizomes and hop oil in small quantities to microbrewers, homebrew shops, homebrewers and gardeners.
Gert Strand AB
Homebrewing ingredients, yeasts, and liqueur essences.
The Grape and Granary
Large selection of supplies, kits, and ingredients for the home brewer and vintner.
Home winemaking kits and supplies. Also discussions, recipes and winemaking tutorials.
Heart's Homebrew Supply
Dedicated to beer and wine making. Providing extracts, malt, grains, hops, wine concentrates, and yeast, and technical support.
The Home Brew Shop
Selling home brew, beer kits, wine kits, malted grains and tea.
Home Brew Warehouse
Stocks supplies and equipment for beermaking, wine and spirits including Canecutter and Diamondback brews. Also tips and newsletters.
Home Brewery and Wine Making
A complete line of beer and wine making supplies, recipes and books.
Supplies for wine, beer and cider making. Offering starter kits, hops, malt and adjuncts, yeast, flavorings, books, and equipment.
Homebrew Emporium
Wine and beer making equipment and supplies.
Homebrew Headquarters
Offering supplies for making beer and wine as well as advice and recipes.
Homebrew Heaven
Features beer and wine making equipment, supplies, and kits.
Homebrew Pro Shoppe
Homebrew store for beer and wine making supplies and equipment.
Hop & Grape
Offer supplies for wine and beer making. Based in the UK.
Hop Shop
A homebrew shop with wine and beer making kits and equipment.
Complete selection of equipment and supplies for the home brewer and wine maker.
Johnson Home Wine Supplies
Retailers of beer, liqueur and winemaking kits.
Karp's Homebrew Shop
Homebrewing and winemaking shop providing supplies, equipment, kits, and books for all levels of home brewers and wine makers.
Kennywood Brewing Supply
Homebrewing supply store offering equipment, grains, hops, yeast and malt extracts.
Keystone Homebrew Supply
A Homebrew shop that includes supplies and memorabilia. Also, information about local club and event calendar.
Leener's Brew Works
Specializing in beverage and food home craft,offers information and supplies for homemade beer, wine, cheese, sausage, vinegar, root beer and other products.
Li'l Ole Winemaker
Wine and beer making supplies and ingredients.
Listermann Brewing Co.
Full line of home brew supplies and equipment.
Main Street Homebrew Supply Co.
Offering a wide selection of home-brewing, wine, pop and bread-making supplies. Also offering tips to make better brew.
Make Whiskey at Home
Instructional booklet on making whiskey from barley.
Maryland Homebrew
All the necessary ingredients and equipment to make fine fermentables.
Midwest Homebrewing Supplies
Supplier of homebrew recipe kits, equipment, and supplies.
Monster Brew
Ingredients, equipment, books and multimedia, and kits.
More Beer
Extensive line of ingredients, kits and home brewing equipment.
Northern Brewer
Supplier of homebrewing supplies, ingredients, starter kits, and draft equipment.
Old West Homebrew Supply
Equipment and ingredients for beer, wine, mead, and soda making.
Paddock Wood
Brewing supplies for the home and craft brewer. Grains, hops, liquid yeasts, and specialty equipment.
Presque Isle Wine Cellars
Wine making supplies, accessories, raw materials, and packaging products.
Quality Wine and Ale Supply
Wine making and beer making supplies, equipment, ingredients and recipes. For the beginner and experienced home maker of wine and beer. Offering online tutorials and information.
Saint Patricks of Texas
Offering ingredients, equipment and kits as well as some unique items such as Budvar yeast and Czech malts.
San Francisco BrewCraft
Offering beer and wine home brewing supplies.
Seven Bridges Cooperative
Producing organic beer and mead, and distributing organic brewing ingredients.
Siciliano's Market
Carrying beer and winemaking supplies, bulk tea, cigarette and pipe tobacco, and cigars.
Smiley's Home Distilling
Books, yeast, essences, other ingredients, and equipment for distilling.
Stews Home Brew
Carry a range of brewing ingredients and equipment.
Thornton HomeBrew
Homebrew supplies for homebrew enthusiasts.
Valley Vintner
Wine making equipment and supplies for professional and wineries.
William's Brewing
Home brewing books, equipment, and ingredients.

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