This category was made for the online dealers in anime merchandise that aren't necessarily primary companies. None of these dealers are endorsed by dmoz, let the buyer beware.

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AAA Anime
Distributor and wholesale, primarily DVDs, graphic novels, toys, and wall scrolls. Also offers CDs, posters, stickers, key chains, stationery, and trading cards.
Alien Bishoujo
Buys and sells used and new anime. Includes a selection of DVDs, manga, novels, and trading cards.
Anime Castle
Art books, manga, posters, figures and CDs.
Anime Depot
Videos, DVDs, trading cards, figures, toys, and games.
Anime Stop
Toys, UFO catchers, cards, CDs, keychains, stationery, art books and stamps sorted by series and product type.
Selling Anime DVDs, CDs, toys, and related merchandise.
Anime, CG, and game related artbooks and manga, as well as music scores.
Cards, stickers, keychains, buttons, and books for sale from series such as Sailor Moon, Speed Racer, Gundam Wing, and Inu Yasha.
Catzia's Collectibles
Deals with toys and trading cards from titles such as Sailor Moon, Fushigi Yuugi, Ultraman, and Magic Knight Rayearth.
Circle Red
Carries a selection of action figures, trading cards, DVDs and CDs, apparel, and Japanese snacks.
House of Sheishun
Japanese anime card trades. Includes listings of spares and requested cards.
Image Anime
Pokemon, Digimon, Beast Wars, Microman, Godzilla, Gundam toys, figures and other merchandise. Also runs auctions on Ebay.
Soundtracks, videos, posters, pencil boards, and wallscrolls, and also sections devoted to Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, and Cowboy Bebop items.
K-Chan's Anime Studio
Accepts commissions for artwork.
Kaname's Anime and Manga Goods
A personal collector selling manga, doujinshi, trading cards, clearfiles, shitajiki, and other memorabilia.
Noriko's Anime
Sells and trades pencilboards, cels, cards, CDs, plushies and UFO catchers, and other supplies for maintaining a collection.
Otaku Publishing
Primarily a manga and anime seller, but also deals in character merchandise.
Right Stuf, Inc.
Anime videos, CDs, DVDs, cels, and merchandise.
Rising Sun Creations
Offers toys, models, figures and videos.
Shinjuku Station
Shitajiki for sale as well as trading cards and stationery.
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