For sites selling conversion of recordings from old media to new media such as CD, DVD, or data files. Sites listed at this level should be for services that convert only video recordings. Services for businesses and professionals (as opposed to the consumer market) should be listed at Business/Business_Services/AudioVisual/Recordings/Restoration_and_Conversion.

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DVD transfer service. Multi-track audio recording, graphic design, including business cards. Computer support and website design.
Alamo Film and Video Transfer Services
Provides Super-8, Regular-8, and videotape to DVD and/or VHS tape transfers.
AZ Home Video to DVD
Transfer of home videos and movies to DVD.
Betacam SP to DVD
Transfer any format of videotape of any length to DVD.
Crest Video and Multimedia Services
Services include video tape duplication, standards conversion, and transfer of video to VCD and DVD.
Digital Copycat
Video, DVD, CD and cine film conversion and duplication.
DVD Infinity
Australian DVD production services to the home, corporate and professional markets.
DVD Transfer Services
Provides services to transfer home videos from videotapes to DVD.
Electronic Canvas Ltd.
Convert video tape to DVDs. Digitize 8mm and Super8 home movie films into an editable format for your editing system or to DVD for easy viewing. Full DVD authoring capabilities with chapter points, moving menus and other advanced effects.
Home Movie Depot
Transfer 8mm film, VHS video and other home movies to DVD, VHS and VideoCD.
Keepsake Video
Videotape duplication, repair of damaged 8mm and VHS video cassettes, conversion of foreign video formats to and from PAL, SECAM and NTSC. Transfer of video from or to VHS, super VHS, 8mm, hi-8mm, miniDV, DVCAM and Beta SP formats. Also, wedding and event videography.
Conversion of video tape, film, slides, and photos to DVD, VCD, or SVCD.
Moving Pictures
Transfer of 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm and camcorder formats to VHS, DVD or editing format.
Preserve your video and film memories of a lifetime on DVD.
Transfer of home movies, 8mm, S8mm film or VHS video, photos, and 35mm slides to DVD, digital video or VCD discs.
Reel Dupes, Inc.
Duplication and transfer of video between different recording media and formats.
Shoebox Memories
Develops custom DVD photo slide shows for special events.
Spotlogic Enterprises
Transfer of videotapes of most formats or 8-mm film to DVD.
Transfer City USA
Transfer of 8mm film, super8, 16mm film, slides and photos to Video, VideoCD, DVD, or miniDV. Also foreign video conversions and mass duplication.
TV Pro
Provides various services such as DVD authoring, film conversion, wedding videography, and Web multimedia content.
Video Kitchen
Louisville, Kentucky business is the place to duplicate video to DVD, VHS, rent self-service video edit stations and transfer old movies to DVD.
Video/Graphics Art Studio
Transfer old home movies, convert 8mm film, 16mm film, slides and photos to video.
Yes Video
Transfer of video or photos to CD-ROM or DVD.
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