Sites which focus on allowing the distance-purchase of juggling equipment and related supplies.

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Aerotech Projects
Manufacturers of illuminated juggling equipment. Includes specifications and photographs of products, and an online shop.
Brian Dubé, Inc.
Supplies include balls, rings, clubs, knives, spinning plates, torches, and devil sticks.
Offers juggling props including unicycles, large props such as a walking ladder and videos.
Circus Stuff
Australian circus shop, supplying juggling, circus and performance equipment. Based near Sydney. Retail and wholesale.
Online store featuring Devil Sticks and Flower Sticks. Stick colors and lengths can be customized.
Erik's Poi Toys
Manufacturer and wholesaler of poi and flag poi in a range of colours.
Manufactures fire circus equipment including fire poi, staffs, diabolos, clubs, sticks, and kevlar wick.
Flamebuoyant Productions
Offers fire poi instruction and performance. Includes group lessons and instructional DVDs.
Flames 'N Games
Manufacturer, retailer & wholesaler of circus, juggling and fire spinning equipment. Specializing in Staffs, Poi, Devil sticks, Flower sticks, Hula Hoops, Juggling balls, and Diabolos.
Flying Clipper
Designers and producers of durable, washable footbags.
Four Ball Juggling
Book on juggling, from simple patterns to advanced theory, by Martin Probert.
Full Circle Sports
Martha's Vineyard based manufacturers of genuine devil sticks, 175gm recycled ultimate discs, and custom accessories.
Manufacturers and retailers of fire juggling products. Offers fire diablos, balls, torches, ropes, and sticks.
Custom, hand-made juggling balls.
Large selection of juggling and circus products and services including regular, professional, luminous, fire and phosphorescent Juggling.
Higgins Brothers
Supplier and manufacturer of juggling props. Catalog includes promotional products, clubs, rings, spinning plates, devil sticks, and instructional books and videos.
Home of Poi
Comprehensive information about poi, staff and twirling, including animated lessons, discussion forums, building instructions, articles and a shop.
Jac Products
Manufacturer of a wide range of juggling equipment, including specialized printed juggling balls for promotional purposes.
The Jolly Juggler
South African supplier of juggling balls, clubs, rings, diabolos, devilsticks, and a variety of glow toys.
Jolly Lama
Suppliers of juggling and devil sticks, LED and regular poi and diabolos. Includes videos of a variety of tricks and FAQs. Located in Pellston, Michigan.
An amusing and inspiring DVD for those who enjoy juggling.
LightUp And Juggle
Suppliers of glow poi, glow staffs, glow hacky sacks, LED and rave toys, and other glow in the dark and light up novelties. Wholesale pricing available.
Nesbitt Circus Equipment
Manufacturers of fire diablos, poi, swingers and staffs. Hand-made in the UK in Bath, England.
Oddballs International
UK store sells balls, clubs, diabolos, devil sticks, knives, torches, books, and videos.
Based in Paris and specialising in designing, manufacturing and distributing juggling, circus and magic props.
Play Juggling Store
Offers a selection of juggling equipment .Creator of PX3 clubs.
Manufacturer of the Renegade brand of juggling props. Offers balls, clubs, rings, devil sticks, diabolos, torches, fire balls, knives, glow-in-the-dark ball and clubs.
Serious Juggling
Provides juggling equipment and an on-line catalog for ordering. Includes all major brands of juggling equipment, unicycles, and some circus props.
The Spinsterz
Manufacturer and reseller of fire, LED and practice spinning toys.
Sport Juggling Company
Offers handmade six-panel bean bag style juggling balls. Classroom sets and rentals are available for large group instruction.
Offers juggling and fire twirling gear, drums, balls, clubs, and unicycles. Includes video and a forum. Based in Queensland, Australia.
Todd Smith Products
Supplier of juggling equipment including: balls, clubs, rings, torches, diablos, videos, books, and apparel.
Trick Concepts
Maker of fire props: poi, fans, staves. Includes glow toys, custom props and instruction videos.
Vladik's Russian Juggling Props
Offers Russian juggling props. Includes balls, clubs, and an instructional video. Endorsed by juggling champion Vladik Miagkostoupov.

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