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3Sharp Ltd
Offering a range for pets and humans, also memorial products. Personalized with custom engraving service. UK based.
Absolute Wood Products
Offering urns made of wood, marble and bronze. Also supplies pet urns, keepsakes and cremation jewelry.
Alterna Cremation Options
Offers vessels, jewelry and vaults.
Andrew Parker Cremation Vessels
Sells a small selection of handmade wooden caskets for ashes. Provides information about the Wisconsin based artist.
Artisurn, Inc
Handmade vessels and jewelry. With testimonials, videos and FAQs.
Bogati Urn Company
Provides a variety of vessels including adult, child and pet. Also sells cremation jewelry.
Caskets Direct Pty Ltd.
Sells urns and cremation jewelry. Based in Melbourne, Australia.
Cineraria Urns
Also sells keepsakes, cremation jewelry and ornaments. Based in Spain.
Cremation Solutions, Inc.
Also offers custom urns made to resemble the deceased, and custom finger or footprint jewelry. Includes articles about their items and general information about funeral planning.
Cremation Urn Factory
Direct importers and manufacturers of brass cremation urns and keepsakes. Located in Florida.
Cremation Urns Ashes
Provides vessels for the ashes of adults, children and pets. Also sells cremation jewelry. Based in the UK.
Cremation Urns by Legacy
Sells different sizes - full, keepsake and infant. Also sells jewelry.
Cremation Urns of Vermont
Plain and painted. Includes customer testimonials.
Distinctive Urns
Offering engraved bronze, wood and Cloisonne cremation urns, jewelry pendants and keepsakes.
Elegant Urns
Solid brass and marble cremation urns.
Made in Italy with the intention that the cremation vessels are used (for example as jewelry boxes) before their final use for ashes.
Enduring Memorials
For humans and pets. Also sells pet caskets and flag cases.
Everlife Memorials
Offers a variety of cremation urns and keepsakes. Includes pictures, pricing and ordering instructions.
FH Noble Company
Manufacturer of polymer cremation urns and burial vaults available wholesale and retail. Includes an online catalog.
First Class Jewelry
Manufacturer of 14K gold memorial urn jewelry and pendants that can be engraved with name of loved one and include picture in locket.
Funeral Goods Distribution Ltd.
Sells vessels for adults, children and pets. Also sells biodegradable and keepsake vessels. Based in the UK.
Granger Plastics
Sells grantite and metallic effect waterproof urns and cemetery vases.
Gregspol Ltd
European imported and hand-crafted vessels. Based in the UK.
Heritage Urns
Sells human and pet vessels, cremation jewelry and grave markers. Provides poems, testimonials, articles about mourning, the cremation process and coping with loss.
House of Urns LLC
For adults, children and pets. Also sells cremation jewelry and appliqués. Provides articles.
KeyRidge Cremation Urns
Cremation urns manufactured in hardwood. Funeral urns reflecting an attractive and elegant design.
Lay to Rest
Offers different designs and sizes, also selling jewelry and keepsakes for ashes. Based in the UK.
Legend Urn
Provides vessels in different shapes and sizes with a selection for pets. Also sells cremation jewelry and grave decorations. Based in the UK.
Lovelight Urns
For humans and pets. Also sells cremation jewelry and grave lights. Includes testimonials.
Mainely Urns
Offers a variety of cremation urns, keepsakes and memorial products.
Memorial Gallery
Offering urns designed to look like art. Includes designs made from pottery, glass, wood, metal, sculpture, or fabric.
Memorial Urns
Sells variety of urns and cremation jewelry.
Offering a variety of cremation urns, jewelry for ashes and memorial products.
Sells miniature to full-sized vessels and cremation jewelry. Also offers a product line for pets' ashes.
Memory Glass
Offers remains suspended in hand-blown glass.
Mood wood
Offering variety of handcrafted wooden urns.
MSPL Ventures LLC
Provides cremation jewelry and a variety of urns of different designs, materials and sizes.
Producing contemporary designs in Poland. Includes a blog.
Nelson WoodWorks
Made in Minnesota for humans and pets. Offers a customize option.
Newlight Cremation Urns
Provides traditionally shaped vessels and wooden caskets for ashes. Also sells cremation jewelry. Includes testimonials. Based in the UK.
OneWorld Memorials
Offers vessels, keepsakes, cremation jewelry and gifts. Includes articles and FAQs to help with purchase.
Pacific Urns
Manufacturer of handcrafted cremation jewelry urns; allows loved ones to have a small amount of cremated remains, dried flowers, locks of hair or earth from a burial site.
Perfect Memorials LLC
Supplies urns for humans and pets along with keepsake jewelry.
Phoenix Urn
Handcrafted marble, granite, stained glass and hardwood urns.
Polished Chrome Key Chain
Offering a portable alternative.
Prague Imports, Ltd.
Hand blown Bohemian and Art Deco designs. Customization available.
Prima Urns
Offering cremation urns, pet urns and memorial markers made from wood, stone and metal.
Conceptual and functional art funerary urns, re-creations of small monuments.
Rainbow's End LLC
Based in Washington, USA, offering hand carved wooden boxes for ashes. Accepts custom orders. Provides company information.
Rays of Joy
Stained glass cremation urns with keepsake box or drawer on the top. Can be used as decorative jewelry box until needed. Pet urns and four sizes of cremation urns are also available.
Renaissance Urn Company
Also sells gifts, jewelry and memory books.
Sacred Journey Vessels
Hand painted cremation urns. No two custom designed urns are alike. Photos, descriptions and contact details.
Scattering Ashes
Also sells jewelry, fireworks and glass keepsakes. Includes a blog. Based in the UK.
SeaCase Urns, Inc.
Sells a biodegradable, floating water vessel to facilitate a 'burial' at sea. Provides order form with options, testimonials and FAQs.
Spirit Vessels
Hand-crafted pottery urns. Provides the artist's profile and a catalog with pictures. From New Mexico.
Stardust Memorials
Offers cremation urns and jewelry for ashes.
Transfercare Protectors Inc.
Features a collection of artistic and biodegradeable urns as well as other memorials and keepsakes.
Handmade by Europeans, North Americans and Asians.
Une Belle Vie Memorial Urns LLC
Provides custom, artistic or metal vessels of various sizes. With a small selection for pets. Includes FAQs.
United Priority Distributors
Includes pendant urns, necklaces and rosary keepsakes. Also offers a wholesale catalog.
The Urn Store
Personalized cremation urns as well as keepsake products.
Selection of wood, brass, keepsake, and pet urns, and memorial stones.
Urns for Ashes
Selling vessels for adults, children and pets, including biodegradable and custom vessels. Also sells scatter tubes. Based in the UK.
Urns in Stone
Provides information about the sculptor, images and an explanation of the urn sealing process, and a catalog of his wares.
Urns Northwest
A large selection of laser engraved wood cremation urns and memorials.
Urns of America
Online provider of cremation urns with an extensive line of cube-style urns and vase urns for adults and children, as well as urns for pets.
Cremation urns and vaults, as well as pendants and keepsakes. Includes bronze, ceramic, cloisonne, marble and hardwood. LLC
Provides a variety of colors, materials and sizes. Also sells cremation jewelry, appliqués and rememberance gifts.
Hand-sculpted from ceramic clay in Australia.
Offers wood, cast bronze, white marble and stone. Includes a sample statement of wishes in regard to a desire of cremation.
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