Includes sites that offer soap making instructions as well as soap making supplies.

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Soapmaking supplies and molds. Australian site delivers worldwide.
Creekside Soaps
Handcrafted soap created from vegetable and essential oils, herbs, and natural coloring. Also wooden soap dishes and molds.
Ellen's Essentials
Handmade soaps and soapmaking supplies.
Essential, carrier, and fragrance oils, lotion bases, clays and powders, and grain meals.
Florida Soap Supplies
Fragrance oils, Florida citrus essential oils, melt and pour soap base, natural wax, cream bases, and information.
For Soapmakers
Offers supplies and advice for soapmakers, as well as recipes and a links directory.
Judy's Soap and Creations
Offers a selection of base, molds, and fragrances.
Just A Soap
Melt and pour supplies, soap base, colours, fragrances, moulds, inserts.
Kangaroo Blue
Providers of molds, bottles, colorants, fragrance oils and soap boxes.
Life of the Party Soap
Soap making products, including molds, dyes, fragrances, accessories, and kits. Also offers tips, recipes, and ideas.
Nature's Bouquet
Provides wholesale soap-making supplies. Includes product index, recipes, tools, and on-line ordering.
Olive Tree Soaps
Offering molds, scents, scales and fixed oils. Also offering handmade soaps.
SKS Bottle
Glass and plastic bottles, tins and containers for handmade toiletries.
Soap and More
Offers oils, bases, colorants, and fragrances, as well as instructional books. Includes recipes and information about plastic resins.
The Soap Dish
Offering a full range of soapmaking and lotion making supplies for the handcrafter.
Somerset Cosmetic Company
Offers cosmetic and makeup ingredients, recipes and containers.
Suds N' Scents
Melt and pour soap, soap kits and molds, essential and fragrance oils, colors, pigments, soap making oils.
Willow Way
Custom equipment, design, and consultation. Includes cutters, molds, pot tippers, oil heaters, stampers, and scales.
Wisteria Lane
Natural soap bases, essential oils, molds, liquid bases, and natural additives.
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