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Amazing Gelembeds
Offers a variety of glass, wax and charms for embedding projects.
Aztec International
Selections include wax, jars, scent and wicks.
Candle Makers Supplies
British supplier of candlemaking supplies and equipment for making candles.
Candle Science
Offers molds, wicks, containers, fragrances, colors and waxes for shipment in the United States.
Candle Soylutions
Offers a wide selection of soy wax and supplies.
Candlechem Company
Candle making supplies and equipment including scents, coloring, molds, and waxes.
Stainless steel, electric knife for trimming melted candle wax.
Candles and Supplies
Featuring products for home hand pouring including, kits, gel, wicks, wax, molds, jars, and scents.
Candles on the Web
Offers a wide selection and variety. Also a membership club.
Gels, glass embeds, accessories, wicks, fragrance oils, dyes, and ideas.
Offers candle wax and gel, molds, and scents.
Crafty Candles
A variety of candles and supplies, fragrance, oils, and rubber molds.
Exagon Online
Trilingual European site offers a wide range of candlemaking supplies.
Full Moons Cauldron
Includes supplies for candle making and jewellery making, FIMO polymer clay, Aroma Cel brand sprays, and power bead bracelets.
Gel Tyme
Products include wax embeds, packaging, designer candles, instructional video, and accessories.
Glass gel embeds, fish, sand dollars, butterflies, sea shells, starfish, birds, and fragrance oil droppers.
The Good Scents Company
Fragrance, bases, and oils for candle making. Includes extensive information.
Heaven Scent Candles and Creations
Makers of scented wax embeds, glass fish embeds and candles.
Just By Nature
Offers soy wax, candle making supplies, fragrance oils, odorless dyes, wicks, and containers.
Just Scent
Featuring candle, and bath and body supplies. Includes fragrance oils, bottles and jars, wax, and wicks.
Lone Star Candle Supplies
Offering candle making supplies, including scents, wax, wicks, molds, dyes, containers, and equipment. Over 140 candlemaking fragrances available.
Millcreek Soywax Candle Supply
Candle-making supplies, including soy wax, fragrances, wicks, color dyes, soy candle kits, and information on how to make soy candles.
Moon Glow Candles and Supplies
Selection of wax embeds for gel and wax candles. Also dye, fragrance, wicks, and colored sand.
Nature's Garden Candles
Candle making supplies.
North Valley Candle Molds
Manufacturer of metal candle molds.
Pepperell Braiding Company
Sells candle, oil lamp, fiberglass, wet bulb and fluid wicking. Is an OEM. Custom made wicks available.
RusticEscentuals, LLC
Offers supplies including embeds, gel safe fragrances, packaging, molds, and accessories.
Offers a variety of molds, scents and kits for candle and soap making.
Starla's Candle Making
Offering bakery scented candles, containers, a variety of wax and candle making instructions.
Supplies 4 Candles
Distributor of scents, waxes, wicks, glassware, molds, color, and additives.
Swans Candles
Sells candle making accessories and craft candle supplies. Located in Lakewood, Washington.
Village Craft and Candle
Offering fragrance oils, wicks, dyes, molds and packaging for candle-makers.
Wakes Waxes
Suppliers of encaustic equipment, materials and kits.
Manufacturer of soldering, heating, and melting equipment for craft and production candle makers.
Wicks Unlimited
Providers of candle wick-clip assemblies, pre-waxed cut, raw, and waxed wick and candle eyelets.
Yaley Enterprises
Candle making supplies including wax, scents, dyes, candle molds, and wicking.
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