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Sites that specialize specifically in supplying online, by fax or mail order, supplies for the craft of Ceramics.

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Alligator Clay Company
Offering equipment, supplies, raw materials, special blend clays, kilns, accessories, vents, wheels and tools for the ceramist, and potter.
Alpha Fired Arts
Supplier to hobby ceramic and potters industry offering supplies, tools and accessories.
Axner, Inc.
Large selection of ceramic books, tools, equipment, clay and materials.
Bailey Ceramic Supply
A manufacturer of kilns, wheels, extruders, studio equipment. Also supplies tools, glazes, clays and books.
Big Ceramic Store
Offers a large selection of ceramic and pottery supplies, equipment, and accessories.
Bracker's Good Earth Clays
Pottery, ceramics, and sculpture equipment and supplies. Includes a variety of raw materials, kilns, accessories, vents, and wheels.
The Ceramic Source
Offers glazes and tools. Products, resources, and gallery.
Ceramic Store, Inc.
Carries clays, glazes, chemicals, kilns, potter's wheels, and accessories.
Ceramic Supply Co.
Carries variety of brushes, paints, and other accessories as well as kilns and bisques.
Clay Art Center
Offers a selection of equipment, supplies, clay, kilns, wheels, glazes, pug mills, and raku kilns.
Clay King
A wide selection of pottery supplies including kilns, potters wheels, slab rollers, extruders, ceramics, airbrushes, and clay.
Offers pottery equipment and wheels. Includes supplies, tools, books, kilns, and glazes.
Supplier of ceramic, plaster, and mold-making supplies. Also offers free classifieds.
Coyote Clay and Color
Offers high and low fire underglazes, glazes, and clays.
Creations Unlimited
Wholesale and retail ceramics supplier of Gare products, Evenheat kilns, bisque, and doll supplies.
Creative Glazes
Offers a selection of ceramic glazes, paints, tools, and accessories.
Creative Industries
Manufacturers of potter wheels and accessories for the ceramics community.
Davens Ceramic Center
Offers a line of pottery equipment and supplies.
Duncan Paint Store
Offering glazes, underglazes, acrylic paints, stains, sprays, tools and brushes.
Earthen Vessel Ceramic Supplies
Selling kilns, wheels, tools, glazes, clay, and kiln supplies.
Euclid's Elements and Pottery Tools
Supplier of replacement kiln elements and parts, kilns, pottery tools and equipment. Site includes a kiln service and repair directory.
Florida Clay Art Co.
Ceramic and pottery supplies, full line of tools, potter's wheels, clay and glaze making supplies and materials.
Giffin Tec
Offers factory direct ordering of trimming tools, spare parts, supplies, and accessories.
Green Mountain Ceramics
Offer glazed and hand painted ceramic products including all types of dishware, garden, seasonal items, and unpainted bisque.
Hershey Molds
Offers ceramic plaster molds. Highly detailed, hand-sculpted pieces.
Hesketh Potters Supplies
Offers a selection of supplies. Includes raw materials, clays, tools, wheels, kilns, and books.
Highwater Clays
Offers clay, glazes, wheels, kilns, slab rollers, tools, and books. Classes and workshops.
IMD Ceramics
Offers different lines of mold designs: fantasy, Victorian, chess sets, tiles, and neoclassic. Dinnerware oriented towards contemporary ceramic studios. Offers custom sculpting and moldmaking.
Instar Decals
Ceramic and glass decals.
Japan Pottery Tools
Traditional Japanese pottery tools for shaping and molding clay. Includes illustrated instructions for using each tool and ordering information.
Marjon Ceramics
Offers kilns, wheels, clay and slip.
Master Sargent Molds
Offers custom molds and a line of stock molds.
Minnesota Clay USA
Supplier of clays, glazes, distributor of kilns, wheels, and pottery tools.
Mosaic 2000
Software to build a tile mosaic from a numerical image. Also supplies for building tile mosaics for home decor.
Mud In Mind
Pottery wheels, kilns, bats, stools, and ceramic supplies.
New Mexico Clay
Offers kilns, wheels, clay, doll porcelain, kits, and tools.
Offers a wide selection of plaster mold designs, tools, supplies, and accessories.
The Porcelain Place
Supplies porcelain, stoneware, painting supplies.
Pottery Supply House
Offers clay, supplies, equipment, industrial kilns, furnaces, and components.
Scott Creek Pottery
Home of the Super Duper Clay Extruder and other ceramic products and accessories.
Seattle Pottery Supply
Sells kilns, clays and glazes.
Sheffield Pottery
Features clay mining, moist clay, ceramic supplies, and chemicals.
Silver Clay
Offers precious metal clay like substance made of pure gold or silver.
Skyline Molds
Ceramic paints, tools, supplies and Kimple retired molds.
Streamers Country Ceramics
Sells ceramic bisque, supplies and decorative painting supplies.
Stylized Welcome Lights and Accessories
Offers patterns for welcome lights and wreaths. Also handmade soaps.
Tools for Clay
Offering a variety of tools and equipment designed by and for clay artists.
Tucker's Pottery Supplies
Clay, ceramic ingredients, stains, tools, brushes, and accessories. Also glazes, wheels, kilns, and books.
US Gypsum
Offers a selection of pottery, hobby, moulding, and white art plasters.
Ward Burner Systems
Source for things related to propane or natural gas burners, kilns, and furnaces.
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