This category highlights individuals who create and handcraft their own line of teddy bears from individual patterns or unique designs, and sell retail or privately. These bears are not mass produced and are usually one of a kind or limited editions. Some bears are designed for collectors and as such are not suitable for children.

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Handcrafted by Brenda Desroches.
Alent'ours Teddy Bears
Designs by Laurence Veron, made with a variety of materials. Each bear is delivered with a poem by the artist.
Bainbridge Bears
Collectible teddy bears designed and made by Donna Hinkelman. Show schedule available.
Barbara-Ann Bears
Featuring one of a kind hand dyed mohair artist bear, and supply kits.
Barbeara's Bears
Designed by Barbara Greaves. Handpainted bears also available.
Bears by Heather French
Handcrafted by Heather French
Bears for Tea
Traditional and knitted styles by Mary Crawford.
Bears in the park
Handmade and designed by Suzanne Parkes, with clothes and accessories by Annette Winkler.
Bellybutton Bears
Handcrafted memory bears, made from the garment of a loved one, designed to preserve a memory or create one.
Handmade by Mary Tornabene. Also does repairs.
Bramley Bears
Miniature and standard sizes handmade by Julia Clarke. Miniatures made from felt also available.
Caledonian Bears
Handmade Scottish tweed teddy bears.
CC Bears Australia
Handmade by Cindy Cherry. Handpainting is used for a realistic look.
Chatham Village Bears
Designs by Art Rogers. Cats, rabbits also available. Class schedule listed.
Cymruted Collectable Bears
Traditional and dressed styles by Christine Wyndham-Woodroffe.
D Bear Studios
Mohair and plush styles by Donna Forgey.
D'Lyell Bears
Handcrafted by Heather Lyell. Also offers kits and patterns.
Dari Laut Bears
Traditionally styled and made to order. Cats and rabbits also available.
Die kleinen Strolche Teddy Bears
Contemporary designs by Kirsten Koester.
Everlasting Bears
Designed and crafted by Joan Farrelly. Patterns available.
Gold Teddy
Handmade by Joan Shaw. Kits also available. Dressed styles available.
Harding Syred Bears
Handmade by Jo Duckworth. Hand dyed styles and shaded faces.
Isaiah Bears
Contemporary styles made of mohair and velvet.
Handmade by Jacqui Ellerton.
Jennifer Murphy
Bears, animals and pin cushions by Jennifer.
K M Bears
Mohair bears, pandas and other animals by Kerren Morris, mostly one of a kind.
KimB Kreatures Artist Teddy Bears
Handmade by KimBerly Dobstaff-Sharrot.
Lindal Bears
Mohair and Alpaca large and small bears, sometimes in scenes, and other animals by Linda Perkins.
Little Blue Flowers
Designed by Janet Wolf. Information on collecting and the history of the teddy bear.
LJ Bears
Mohair and Synthetic bears and other animals by Lynette made in small editions, featuring musical and polar bears.
Lulu Bears
Mohair, Alpaca and upholstery fabric small bears by Luann Bowen. Also sells bearmaking supplies.
Maggies Memory Bears
Handmade by Maggie Pierce from clothing or quilts.
Maja's Bears
Designed by Maja Hansen, some dressed, some with hairstyles.
Mary Holstad and Friends
Dressed Mohair and Synthetic bears and other animals. Bears are usually accompanied with a small dog or another animal. Also sells Ganz collectibles.
Pipkins Bears
Collectible teddy bears and mohair bears, both dressed and undressed. Designed and created by UK Artist Jane Mogford.
Purely Neysa
Unusual bears and other animals. Patterns also available.
Scruffie Bears by Susan Pryce
Teddy Bears for the collector, handmade from mohair, alpaca and fine faux furs.
Shauna Bears
One of a kind fabric rag bears.
Stine Teddies
One of a kind accessorised German mohair bears by Stine Birkeland.
Tin Soldiers Studio
Handmade by Megan Wallace. Also offers bearmaking supplies and classes.
Wellwood Bears
Accessorised one off or small edition bears with large feet by Ruth Dickinson.
Woodland Teddies
Realistic and character styles by Rita Harwood. Also offers specialty supplies such as eyes, teeth and hair extensions.
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