Scrimshaw generally refers to either folk art done by sailors, especially whalers on their long voyages, or more generically, art produced by incising polished ivory or bone and adding pigment to the incisions. The heyday of scrimshaw as a folk art was the Yankee whaling period roughly encompassing the period from the beginning of the 19th century until the middle part of that century. Scrimshaw of this period is typified by sperm whale teeth embellished by designs of either a nautical nature or copies of contemporary published images. Household implements intended as gifts for the sailor's wife or sweetheart are also commonly referred to as scrimshaw. These would typically be made of whale ivory or bone, as well as other materials. Today, artists referred to as scrimshanders have rediscovered the medium, working on ancient ivories such as Eskimo artifacts and mammoth ivory. The medium lends itself to extremely finely detailed images, and today's artists can spend literally hundreds of hours on pieces small enough to be easily held in one hand.
Alaska Scrimshaw Connection
Products include jewelry, knives, earrings, necklaces and bolos.
Ancient Ivories Studios
Offers scrimshaw jewelry, knives, pens and desk accessories, whale's teeth and tusk items.
Antique Whale Tooth Scrimshaw
Pictures from a scrimshaw collection.
Boone Trading Company
Offers scrimshaw, netsuke, raw and fossil ivory, carving and knife making supplies, and other natural materials.
Galleria Oso Famoso
Features the work of scrimshaw artists, raw fossil ivory, carvings, gold jewelry, and custom knives.
Hops Scrimshaw
Offering hand cast and inked reproductions of original etchings on fossilized Mammoth ivory.
Kowak Ivory
Sells ancient ivories including fossil bone, teeth, ivory specimens, antlers, horns, eskimo artifacts and rare antiquities.
Marine art engravings on ivory by internationally recognized scrimshander, Robert Weiss.
Micro-Scrimshaw by Bob Hergert
Detailed etching of nature, miniatures, portraits, nautical scenes and nudes.
Moosup Valley Designs
Original hand carvings and engravings in fossilized ivory and antler. Items include jewelry, ornaments, clocks, and wall plaques.
Originals by Pierce & Co.
Offers handmade scrimshaw on knives, desk accessories, jewelry, and collectibles.
Pete Driscoll, Scrimshaw
Offers bookmarks, anniversary gifts and family tree, military symbols, wildlife and nature, nautical, musical items, as well as custom work.
Scrimshaw by Gary Fiedler
Offers carvings on mammoth ivory, powderhorns and pen and ink. Custom orders welcome.
Scrimshaw Gallery
Offers a selection of nautical art, scrimshaw, paintings and prints, knives, sculptures and other collectibles.
Scrimshaw Studio
Scrimshaw information, advice and the fine art in fossil ivory, rare woods, precious gems, and hand-wrought metals by artist Jim Stevens.
Scrimshaw information, sales and education for people interested in the art and craft of scrimshaw on ivory and alternative materials.
Hand engraved commissions, nautical and wildlife art by artist David Smith.
The Smiths
Features a selection of handmade knives, jewelry, and hand etched scrimshaw.
Steve's Scrimshaw & Engraving
Scrimshaw work is done on mammoth ivory, fossilized walrus ivory and shed deer antler. Items include ear rings, necklaces, bolos and barrettes.
Tree of Life Artworks
Features original art pieces and reproductions in a polymer resin base.
The WebShander - Custom Scrimshaw
Hand-etched scrimshaw on natural materials, by master scrimshander, Mark Thogerson. Jewelry, desk accessories, collector pieces, Nantucket baskets and antler cribbage boards. Nautical themes, wildflowers and wildlife scenes are specialties.
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