Lampworkers use a torch to melt the tips of glass rods, then wind molten glass around a mandrel. Often, the beads are kiln annealed.

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Abednego Beads
Handmade lampworked glass beads and jewelry. Includes a description of the lampworking process and photo gallery.
Avenue Beads
Handcrafted sculptural, organic, and floral glass beads by Chicago artist Joe Holford.
Glass beads with organic, natural designs by self-representing artist Karolen Deupree.
Beads To You
Offers various styles and sizes of lampwork beads.
By Keiara
Lampwork beads by UK artist Keiara. Styles and designs include whimsical sculptures, cupcakes, and tree landscapes.
Designs By Saunie
Handmade lampwork glass beads and jewelry. Various styles from simple to highly detailed. Includes an image gallery of past work.
The Earring Café
Amanda Glanville creates lampwork beads and jewelry. Located in the UK.
Enchanting Beads
Artist made lampwork beads by Michelle Hershman.
Handcrafted Artisan Glass Beads by Louise Ingram. Including sculptural monkeys and goddess beads.
Gardens of Glass
Sculptural floral motif glass beads by artist Leah Fairbanks. Detailed description of the processes used.
Glass by Sarah
Lampworked glass beads by Sarah Hornik, handmade in Tel Aviv.
Infinite Cosmos Girl
Borosilicate beads by Todd Kelly. Including hand blown glass jars, vessels and vases.
Jane Hamill
Offers lampwork glass beads and pendants. Commissions accepted.
Josephine Wadman
Handmade glass lampwork beads and jewelry by Josephine Wadman. Bead sets, focal beads and hearts in a variety of styles.
Lesley McFarland Lampwork
Offering handmade lampworked beads, including organics, florals,focal beads and beadsets.
Figurative and floral glass art beads by Lori Peterson.
Mary Ann Williams Glass Studio
Original glass beads sold in sets, pairs or individually.
The Quest Continues LLC
Sculptural glass beads such as dragons, mermaids, florals, fish and frogs by glassworker Faith Davis Ferris.
Serena's Beadery
Lampwork beads in a large variety of colors, shapes, sizes. Styles ranging from simple to intricate.
Sharon Peters Lampworked Glass
Featuring whimsical, handmade lampwork glass beads.
Lampwork beads made by Tammy Osczepinski. Change a bead bracelets, bead pens and other handcrafted jewelry.
Tillerman Beads
Handcrafted flamework beads by British glass artist Mike Poole.
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