Online stores featuring hobbyist and amateur radio kits and/or components.

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Electronic kits, tools, instruments, and free tutorials.
Dan's Small Parts and Kits
Provides electronic parts and kits for the commercial as well as hobby electronic builder
Electronic Rainbow
Electronic kits for the hobbyist, education, industry, detective operations, and law enforcement. Includes CB sound, radio direction finder, and ham caller id kits.
ESKA Crystals
Supplier of quartz crystals, oscillators and filters, both discrete and SMD versions.
Amateur TV transmitters, receivers, and accessories for ham radio operators. List of dealers and distributors, online ordering.
Far Circuits
A manufacturer of printed circuit boards. Boards are stocked for most of the ham projects published in popular magazines for the amateur radio community.
Radio kits, including a wide band active antenna, outdoor shortwave antennas, ham radio QRP transmitter, and an antenna tuner.
Harbach Electronics
Amplifier parts including heath wafer switches. Run by W8CQ in Melbourne, Florida.
Jan Philipp W├╝sten Elektronik
Vintage electronic parts supplier in Germany. On-line catalog.
Low Power Radio
Sells low power AM radio transmitters.
Max-Gain Systems
Air Variable Capacitors, RF Relays, capacitors, and fiberglass tubing.
Mercury Magnetics
Featuring power and audio transformers.
Electronic kits and components. From Australia.
NHRC Repeater Controllers
Repeater controllers and related accessories for amateur and land-mobile radios. Order by mail or phone.
North Country Radio
Kits, including transmitters and receivers. Technical articles and information on electronic subjects geared towards ham radio, shortwave and video projects.
Anderson powerpoles and OEM power connectors for amateur radio and other DC Hobbies. Also, batteries, RF adapters, bulk wire, red/black zip cord.
Quality Kits
Components and kits for audio, RF, digital, and antenna projects.
Ramsey Electronics
Hobby kits, amateur radio gear, antennas, AM/FM broadcasters, security and monitoring cameras, test equipment, and tools. Downloadable catalog [PDF], FCC information, and forums.
Sherwood Engineering Inc.
Kits, components, and custom IF filter enhancements for most communications receivers.
SHF Microwave Parts Company
Microwave and RF parts for datalinks, television, voice, and telemetry.
Sphere Research Test Equipment
New and used electronic test equipment, tubes, semiconductors, RF and microwave products, and sliderules.
SS Tran
Sells the AMT3000 Broadcast Transmitter Kit, a Part 15 low-power AM radio broadcast transmitter. Includes details and background information, specifications, contact and purchasing information.
Surplus Stuff
Surplus electronic parts, tubes, transformers, equipment, and technical manuals for sale.
Transel Corporation
Manufactures and sells communication equipment and spare parts. Includes online catalog, prices and shopping cart.
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