Online stores featuring antennas for hobbyist and amateur radios.

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Manufacturer and supplier of GSM/GPRS, 3G/LTE, GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth, VHF, UHF and Tetra antennas.
Antennas & RF Systems
Offers UHF or VHF broadband vertical collinear with two, four or eight folded dipoles harness for collinear RG-11/RG8.
Arrow Antenna
Mount and hand held antennas.
Manufacturer of high frequency base and mobile antennas. Based in Perth, Western Australia. Product information, dealer list, and used radios. Australia.
Antenna rotator sales, service, and repair. Order by phone, fax, or email. Based in Pemberville, Ohio.
Champion Radio Products
Distributor of professional tower supplies and related products for commercial and amateur applications. Includes engineering drawings and specifications.
Clark Electronics
Beverage antennas transformers. Order by email.
Cubex Quad Antennas
Manufacturer of cubical quad antennas. Photographs, specifications, comparisions, and hardware and parts lists. Order by phone, fax, or mail.
Diamond Antenna Catalog
Antennas and accessories for the amateur radio enthusiast.
DX Engineering
Professional antenna parts for custom designs and complete commercial antennas.
Force 12
Manufacturer and distributor of amateur radio antenna systems and commercial products.
GAP Antenna Products, Inc.
Antennas and accessories for amateur radios. Photo and audio galleries, reviews, and list of dealers.
Giovanni Elettromeccanica
Antennas and masts for military applications and ham radio. Product specifications. Based in Italy.
HF mobile antennas and coils. Product specifications and photographs.
Makers of antennas and rotators. Provides manuals, reviews and product information.
Isotron Antennas
Low profile, limited space HF antennas. Specifications, photographs, and reviews.
KB9VBR J-Pole Antennas
Antennas for sale for the VHF and UHF frequency spectrum.
M2 Antenna Systems, Inc.
HF/VHF antennas and accessories. Product information and technical notes.
Maple Leaf Communications
Stock and custom antennas and accessories and parts including coaxial cable, connectors, aluminum and fiberglass and engineering and consulting services, for both amateur and commercial radio applications.
Max-Gain Systems, Inc.
Wholesaler and retailer of fiberglass for antenna construction, antennas, and accessories.
Microsystems Design Services, LLC
Selling RC1 Digital Rotor Control boxes. Includes specifications and photos.
Moonraker Antenna Specialists
Manufacturer of a wide range of radio antennas and accessories. Order by mail or fax. Based in the United Kingdom.
Prime Focus Antenna
Offers A/V, satellite systems and components.
Radio Works
Manufacturer of high performance wire antennas, current-type baluns, line isolators, and wire antenna parts and accessories. Catalog of products, antenna data and techniques, and links.
Rope Antenna
Single side band antennas for sail boats and powerboats.
Siretta Antenna
Makes and sells antennas and cables assemblies.
Talkabout Antennas Co.
Manufacturers of H-F multifrequency mobile and portable antennas. Product information.
Tilt-N-Raise Antenna Mounts
Offers portable tilt-over antenna mounts antenna mounts.
Concealable antenna for commercial, amateur radio, and scanner applications. FAQ.
Wellbrook Communications
Offers active Loop directional antennas for short, medium and long wave DX listening, including K9AY loop antenna systems. Suitable for small gardens. Order by mail. Based in the United Kingdom.
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