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Argent Data Systems
Home of the OpenTracker, a device that is connected to an amateur radio and a GPS, allowing GPS data to be transmitted over amateur radio using the APRS protocol. Also supplies products that include SSTV, simplex repeaters and GPS receivers. Santa Maria, California.
Audio Test Solutions
Sells repeater controllers for amateur radio operators.
UK-based source of noise reduction products for amateur radio, PMR and marine, intercoms and headsets.
Provides amateur radio equipment and accessories, including speakers, isolators, couplers, coax connectors and baluns. Evington, Virginia.
Electronic projects for amateur radio, including TinyTraks, Micro-Traks, and other APRS products. Chandler, Arizona.
CleanRF Systems
Offers RF demodulator sampler for oscilloscope monitoring of amateur radio HF linear amplifiers.
CW Touch Keyer
Morse code touch paddles, kits and wired.
Dauntless Software
Sells software to prepare for all FCC amateur radio license classes.
Donner's Digital Interfaces
Sells interfaces made for specific Amateur Radios for doing digital modes and rig control.
Down East Microwave Inc.
Amateur radio equipment for 50MHz and above.
The DX Shop
Mail order suppliers of amateur radio equipment, including antennas and VHF/UHF rigs. Montgomery, Powys.
Ham Radios For Sale
Find new and used ham radios, reviews of popular transceivers, assortment of amateur radio equipment including HF radios, antennas, and RF amplifiers.
Ham Test Online
Web-based training for the ham radio written exams. Includes material for both Canadian and U.S. exams.
HamCall - Buckmaster Publishing
Database of call signs on DVD and online. Also sells accessories for amateur radio operators, including line reel and connectors.
The Hamstation
New and used amateur radio equipment.
Self-study courses for Canadian Basic and Advanced amateur radio exams. Full access requires a 30 or 90 day subscriptions.
Harlan Technologies
Home-based supplier of amateur television components and customized name badges and luggage tags. Includes company history. Machesney Park, Illinois.
Haydon Communications
Offers HF, VHF-UHF receivers and their accessories.
Heath Company
Providing support for legacy Heathkit products. Offers manuals and parts.
The Heathkit Shop
WB8VGE's site for the Heathkit collector and repair of equipment.
J.H. Bunnell and Company
Telegraph key manufacturer in Kings Park, New York.
Manufacturer of dynamic speech limiters and equalizers, repeater products, and video encoders.
LNA Technologies
Designs and manufactures high performance peak wattmeter boards for commercial and amateur radio service. Green Lane, Pennsylvania, United States.
MDM Radio
Supplier of used radio equipment, including mobiles, repeaters, manuals and books, and parts.
Offers band decoder, antenna switch, band pass filter and accessories such as USB interfaces.
Milestone Technologies, Inc.
Telegraph keys, bugs, paddles related telegraphic equipment, Codemaster V Morse Code training system, books and other publications.
Norm's Rotor Service
Specializing in repairing antenna rotors, and also sells new and rebuilt rotors, control boxes and parts.
Nu Ware Software
Morse code trainers for Microsoft Windows.
On Line Ham Radio Class
Multimedia class for United States students to study for the Technician, General or Extra licenses.
P.C. Electronics
Supplier of amateur TV equipment. Arcadia, California.
Palomar Engineers
Amateur radio equipment including ferrites, baluns, tuners and converters. Order by phone, fax, mail, or email.
Design, manufacture and sell amateur radio products such as antenna tuners and analyzers, wattmeters and accessories.
Offers scanner software for computer-controlled Icom PCR1000.
QSL Concept
Offers QSL cards printing for amateur radio (ham) operators worldwide at 3.5" x 5.5" standard size.
RT Systems
Windows software and cables for amateur radios.
RTO Electronics
Heathkit repair, parts, and manuals.
Scott's Electronic Parts
Crystal radio kits parts and supplies.
UX5UO Print
Ham QSL publisher offering samples, prices and order forms.
The Vibroplex Co., Inc.
Bugs, paddles and accessories.
W2IHY Technologies
Offers 8 band and dual band audio equalizers and noise gates for amateur radio applications. Includes demonstration clip and ordering information.
W5YI Group
Offers products and services to assist individuals in obtaining FCC Ham Radio and Commercial Radio Operator Licenses in the United States.
Sells all mode interfaces including VoIP, Echolink and EQSO. Provides parts list and documentation.
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