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3rd and 56th Street Clothing
Dedicated to underground fashions - Gothic clothing, accessories, jewelry and gifts.
Arsenic Fashions
Featuring clubwear, Victorian reproductions, custom ordering and fantasy creations for men and women.
Artifice Clothing
Specializes in Gothic and fetish PVC designs with accessories such as hoods and collars. Includes sizing information and gift certificates.
The Black Angel
Fashion wear for men and women, jewelry, boots and accessories.
The Black Rose
Goods include PVC, fishnet, crushed velvet, lace, make-up and hair color.
The Black Wardrobe
Handmade clothing and accessories with vintage influences.
Blue Banana
Offering Gothic clothing from top brands. Also focuses on the diverse range of gothic sub cultures from punk rock to gothic lolita.
Offers apparel, shoes, wallets, bags and rubber care products.
Cryptic Apparel
Custom design graphic t-shirts.
The Dark Angel
Offers coats, cloaks, leggings, and skirts.
Dark Fashion Clothing
Alternative, rockabilly, steampunk & gothic clothing and accessories.
Darkside Clothing
Specializing alternative styled apparel including t-shirts, jackets, jeans and accessories.
Decadent Designs
Custom made alternative clothing, corsets, Gothic ball gowns and PVC clubwear.
Gothic, punk and Victorian style clothing and jewelry.
Drac in a Box
Fashion for men, women and children. Boots, jewelry, and gifts.
Gothic and aristocrat clothing, corsets that are custom made by tailors. Also carries accessories.
Evolution Division
Offers cyber Goth, Gothic Industrial and rave style clothing.
Offers dresses, separates, accessories, men's-wear, and lingerie.
Fierce Couture
Offers designs in fabric and latex. Pictures of ready-to wear garments and custom pieces.
Pure Fashion Destruction, devoted to presenting hyper dark futurist club wear.
Gallery Serpentine
Corsets and Victorian-styled skirts.
Gothic Angel Clothing
Gothic clothing, accessories and footwear for women.
The Gothic Catwalk
Gothic clothing, jewellery, bags, and accessories.
Heavy Red
Gothic clothing and accessories including corsets, dresses, skirts, tops, ties and jewelry.
Ipso Facto
Vampiric and sinister fashion for men and women.
Capes, gowns, blouses, and skirts.
Kate's Clothing Ltd.
Offering alternative, steampunk retro and Gothic clothing, footwear, homeware and accessories in regular and plus sizes. Located in the UK.
A mixture of club wear, Cybergoth, Gothic and Burlesque clothing and accessories.
Mame Clothing
Clothing, cosmetics, accessories, footwear and jewelry. Includes photos, product details and a sizing chart.
MGD Clothing
An eclectic collection of alternative garments, including Goth, retro, steampunk, and rockabilly.
Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing
Offers medieval gowns, wiccan robes, skirts, batty tops and fishtail designs.
Nightshade Corsets and Clothing
Provides a variety of different designs. Fabric samples and sizing chart.
Obsidian Clothing
Gothic clothing and Victorian style fashion with a specialty in industrial flare and accessories.
Phaze Clothing
Clothing in sexy, naughty and dramatic styles for both men and women.
Plastik Wrap
Offering designs for men and women, with influences ranging from industrial, through punk and lolita. Wholesale inquiries welcome.
Gothic industrial footwear, clothing and accessories.
Rocky Horrors
Alternative clothing, footwear and accessories.
Rose Mortem
Designing dark, romantic clothing for women.
Secret Oktober
Featuring new and vintage clothing for men, women and children. Also offering bags, belts, pins and stickers.
Senjo Clothing
Specializes in faerie clothing and earth wear for men and women.
Sharpe Designs
Alternative romantic gothic clothing and jewellery. Dark Star and Jordash tie dye clothing. Pagan clothing and cloaks, men's pirate and poet shirts and coats.
Silver Heart
Gothic and rock style clothing and accessories for men and women.
Spooky Boutique
Offers fashion-wear for men and women, purses, cosmetics, shoes and hair-dye.
Offers a variety of made-to-measure designs. Also offers hats, skirts and dresses.
Subversion Clothing
Goth and alternative clothing and accessories.
Tragic Beautiful
Offers Gothic clothing, housewares, cosmetics, shoes, and accessories.
Trash and Vaudeville
Specializing in goth, punk, industrial, new wave, and club fashion.
Tripp NYC
Specializing in goth, punk, industrial, new wave, and club fashion.
Specializing in handmade fang necklaces and earrings. Designs feature vampire bites embroidered on the neck of every shirt.
Custom handmade steampunk top hats, gothic jewellery, and cosplay wigs.

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