Merchants and vendors who supply chain mail armor and ring mail armor for Living History Reenactments, principally replica armor and combat reenactment protective armor. Suggestions for sites to be listed are encouraged via the "add URL" label at page top - criticism and comments are very welcome at the "editor" active text at page bottom or at any upper level category.

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Armchair Armoury
Selling chain mail, ring mail, plate and scale mail armour, in kit form or ready made, suitable for live roleplaying, battle reenactments and theatre/film costume. On line catalog; ordering information; accepts credit cards. Based in the United Kingdom.
Art of Chainmail
Tutorials in print and digital format by Dylon White.
Chainmail & More
Designers and crafters of metal fashions, accessories and jewelry. Creative designs for Renaissance faires through modern wear. On line catalog; ordering information. Based in Enfield, Connecticut.
Christian Fletcher Medieval Armour
Historical reproduction armor, battle reenactment armor, costume armor, and swords; picture gallery, ordering information. Based in Nampa, Idaho.
Drakyl's Chainmail Designs
Chainmail jewelry, clothing and accessories, and armor for combat and theatre.
Knotwork Links Chainmail
Chain mail armor, jewelry, accessories, and toys. Online catalog; ordering information; accepts credit cards. Based in East Aurora, New York.
Kosmik Designs
Specializes in handcrafted, modern, chain mail jewelry in a variety of colors and patterns.
Mardigan's Maile
Handcrafted, stainless steel chainmaile products including coifs, belts, handflowers, anklets, and bracelets.
Medieval Man Inc
Armourer specializing in chainmail jewelry and accessories.
A display of various chain mail items such as armour, jewelry and clubwear. Also sells saw cut bulk rings.
New Renaissance Chainmail and Jewelry Design
Supplier of chain mail jewelry, armor, and other metal work; design and construction techniques. Ordering and contact information.
The Ring Lord
A complete source for any chainmaille professional to find bulk loose rings.
Rogar's Forge
Chain mail armor and accessories to fit any need, using the standard European pattern of 4-in-1 and up to 12-in-1, with wire of 12 to 18 gauge in various size rings. Photos and contact information.
Steel Weaver's
Handcrafted stainless steel chain mail jewelry and armor.
Features stainless steel chainmail jewelry, including collars, chokers, bracelets, and anklets.
Wolf's Den Armoury
Custom fabricated chain mail armor and chain mail accessories for Faires and similar events. Image gallery, contact and ordering information. Based in Saint Albans, Vermont.
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