Merchants and vendors who supply armor for Living History Reenactments, principally replica armor and combat reenactment protective armor. Suggestions for sites to be listed are encouraged via the "add URL" label at page top - criticism and comments are very welcome at the "editor" active text at page bottom or at any upper level category.

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Arms and Archery
Custom armor and chain mail, and makers of titanium swords for all Periods; gladiatorial shields, Port Orford Cedar arrows, laminated longbows. Ordering information, based in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.
Dark Victory Armory
Lightweight, low maintenance, high performance polyethylene armor for competition and display; on line catalog with technical information, ordering information. (Bellows Falls, Vermont, USA)
Darkheart Armoury
Custom made medieval combat armor, historical reproduction armour of Europe and Japan, and fantasy and display armor. On line catalog, order information.
Ice Falcon Armoury
Battle ready armor for mock combat and LARP meets, including helmets, greaves, breastplates; shoulder, arm and leg armor. Based in Tom's River, New Jersey.
Illusion Armoring
Museum quality metal armor available in a wide variety of styles and materials, suitable for historical reenactments and SCA events.
The Inner Bailey
Handmade leather goods for historical re-enactment, available in Medieval, Renaissance, and Fantasy styles. Goods include armor, some clothing, and accessories. Custom orders accepted.
Lamellar Armor
Plastic lamellar plates for use by individuals interested in historical reenactment, costuming, fantasy, or any other activity enhanced by a medieval fashion flare.
S. R. A. Inc.
Armor, fantasy weapons, and jewelry for SCA events and fairs. Online catalog and ordering available. Based in Parsons, Kansas.
South Tower Armouring Guild
Sell a range of SCA and reproduction armour as well as weapons. A Canadian based company.
Swords And Armor
Distributor of medieval armor replicas including swords, shields, and suits of armor. Specializes in wearable armor. Ships worldwide.
Thak Blacksmith
Specializing in custom fantasy armour and supplies. Also offering rentals and swordsmithing courses. Located in Floradale, Ontario, Canada.
Truehearth Armoury
Custom built armour for combat or display, made from mild and stainless steel with brass and copper trims. Located in Alouette, Quebec, Canada.
Valentine Armouries
Replica armour "handcrafted down to the buckles, hooks, and hinges". Also provide a rental service.
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