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Antique Phonograph Supply Company (APSCO)
Makers of main springs. Phonograph and music box movements and reproducers rebuilt. Parts and instructions for mechanical and physical refurbishment, books, needles and record sleeves supplied.
Collector's World West
Phonographs, victrolas, graphophones, musical machines bought, sold and restored. Also sound/video clips, information and advice.
The Edison Shop
Pickups for electric audio reproduction from cylinder together with cartridges and styli supplied. Sound clips plus information about recording restoration and reproducers.
For Your Listening Pleasure
Radios, record players, turntables and phonographs repaired. Also styli, needles, radio schematic diagrams and restoration also available.
Gramophone Springs
Includes needles and horns for sale, as well as advice.
Great Lakes Antique Phonograph
Machines repaired, valued, sold and parts supplied.
Holmfirth Antiques
Gramophone and phonograph parts, sales, repairs, restoration, machine catalogues, books, needles and accessories offered.
Howard Hope
Gramophones, phonographs, accessories bought and sold. Pre-1930’s items related to the history of recorded sound purchased.
Ian Calderbank's Gramophones
Offering needles, books and accessories. Includes help and information.
Phonographs, mechanical music, parts, books, cabinets, radios, records sold and purchased. Details of shows, informative articles, free classifieds.
John Sleep
Gramophones and phonographs restored, bought, and sold.
Mechanical musical instruments including music boxes, musical clocks, pianos, organs, phonographs, automata bought and sold.
Sales of phonographs, cylinders, parts, accessories, needles, records including non-English and picture type. Repairs undertaken.
Phonographs, books, cylinder cases and parts for sale. Listen to the voice of Thomas Edison.
The Soundbox
Gramophones and parts, phonographs, spares, accessories, wireless, valve audio, sewing machines, telephones, early domestic and commercial electrical items bought and sold.
Vintage Sounds
Sales and repairs of early radios, phonographs, telephones, mechanical music and communications equipment.
Wilfried Sator Collection
Gramophones, phonographs, 78’s, advertising, needle tins, parts and books collected, bought and sold (English and German).
Wyatt's Musical Americana
Supplier of parts and repairer, sales of victrolas, phonographs, graphophones and accessories. "How to" guides, postcards and advertisements.
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