This category lists dealers who sell antique financial documents, such as old bonds and stock certificates as their primary offering. If they sell stocks or bonds, but their majority offering is something else, i.e., paper money, they are listed in that category. Notations are made to dealer listings if they also offer: -auctions -authentication of documents, or -research services related to certificates.

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Adam Historical Shares
Germany based seller of World stocks and bonds. Site is in German or English.
Boone Scripophily
Site highlights yearly scripophily auction, including images and extensive descriptions. Belgium based, but buys and sells from all over the world.
Clinton Hollins Stock Certificates and Bonds
A dealer site for primarily U.S. stocks and bonds, including bulk lots.
Collectible Stocks and Bonds
Featuring out of date certificates, from many industries. Also offering books.
David M Beach
Carries antique stocks and bonds plus other ephemera (cigar box labels, autographs).
A variety of collectible stock certificates.
Galerie Numistoria
French and international scripophily.
George H. Labarre Galleries, Inc
Dealers in collectible stocks and bonds. Also, coins and currency, autographs, paper money.
Heinz Husi
Scripophily dealer featuring interesting offers from throughout the world.
Hugo van der Molen's Scripophiliy
Historic bonds and shares, grouped by country, type of business or illustration. In English and Dutch.
Investment Research Institute
Carries various U.S.A. stocks, specializing in entertainment company certificates.
Klaus Rondot Historicals
A seller of primarily Solingen and China stock certificates, based in Germany.
Germany based dealer sells world certificates. Site is in German or English.
Norrico, Inc
Buying and selling old stock certificates, antique bonds, and related financial ephemera.
Scripophily Corner
Dealer in antique stocks and bonds, the collectible of the 90's. Mostly railroads but sometimes automobile, mining, and international.
Buyer and seller of old stock and bond certificates. Does stock research.
Finnish stock certificates. Site is in four languages, including English.
The Share Gallery
Provides professionally framed, original, historical share certificates.
Carries a wide variety of metal and paper collectibles, including World stocks and bonds. Conducts auctions.
Tom's Vignettes
Dealer specializing in antique stocks and bonds -- scripophily.
A collection of dotcom, modern, specimen,and uncancelled stock certificates for sale. Also selected US coins and paper money.

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