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Aviation Collectables
Offers RAF Commemorative covers eg. Johnnie Johnson, Pete Brothers Grumpy Unwin (signed/unsigned), RAF pilot signed photos, luftwaffe signed photos eg. Rall, Krupinski, Hermann, U-Boat signed photos, Topp, Witte, and Koitschka.
Bayonet, Inc.
Dealing in original and reproduction American, German and British WWII equipment and gear.
Bell's Aviation and Militaria
Dealing in WWII American aviation items.
For Battle of Britain, Spitfire, Hurricane, commemorative covers, memorabilia, medals, and limited edition prints.
Das Reich
Genuine Heer, Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe and NSDAP items, including edged weapons, combat badges, medals, cloth items, cuff titles, insignia, ephemera, and uniforms.
Der Freiwillige Military Antiques
Specializes in WWII Third Reich items, including medals, badges, awards, tinnies, edged weapons, equipment, postcards, documents, reference books, and Knights Cross winner photos. Also offers American Civil War antiques.
DFW Arms, Inc.
Offers to buy, sell, and trade modern and collectible handguns, rifles ,and shotguns. Markets German militaria.
GDM Militaria
Dealer in original daggers, uniforms, decorations, helmets, and flags of WWII.
Helmut Weitze
Selection of orders and military decorations, uniforms, edged weapons, spike helmets, steel helmets, documents, old war toys and military books. Assistance in English and German.
J.V. Bond Company
Axis and Allied stamps, coins, and war poster reproductions.
Jamie Cross
Offering original WWII military medals, honors and decorations.
Kampfgruppe Medals and Badges
Offers German medals, badges, uniforms, and edged weapons.
Krupper Militaria
Offers German insignia, clothing, and books.
M & T Militaria
Offering 1933-45 Third Reich items.
Oakleaf Militaria, Inc.
Third Reich militaria including Afrika Korps tropical headgear, Panzer, Waffen SS, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, Heer headgear, awards, medals, edged weapons, and posters.
The Old Grouch's Military Surplus
Original WWII militaria and collectibles from around the world.
Phoenix Militaria
Specializes in a large selection of items including German, British, and American. Also stocks post and pre-19th Century military antiques
Relic Chest, LLC
Offers military items from the Civil war to the present, with an emphasis on WWII Third Reich Germany. Including books, documents, awards, medals, uniforms, photographs, and edged weapons.
RJG Enterprises Inc.
Third Reich books and films with English translation. Nazi marches and German military war music. Also militaria, flags, and posters. Dealers also welcome.
The Ruptured Duck II
Varied selection of WWII German items.
Third Reich .ca
Authentic and reproductions from the Third Reich era including Luftwaffe, SS, Hitler, insignia, badges, medals, flags, and personality items.
Third Reich Depot
Authentic Third Reich Nazi military collectibles small badges, complete uniforms, and Hitler Youth.
Ulric of England
Offers a selection of Third Reich items.
Wittmann Antique Militaria
Offers an extensive inventory listing of WWII German edged weapons.
WW2 German Militaria
Authentic WWII German militaria.
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