Militaria is the name of the collecting field for those who are interested in original and historical items from all wars and various countries' military organizations. Militaria includes all items from small items such as medals and ribbons to large items such as uniforms, swords, and rifles.

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Offering memorabilia and collectibles from both diesel boats and nuclear submarines. Includes related information and history.
Acme Imports International
Offers collectibles and militaria, specializing in WWII German. Includes gold and silver bullion emblems, club and golf patches, logos, reenactment patches, and family crests. WWII German guns, helmets, flags, uniforms and other accouterments. Also Harley-Davidson racing motorcycles.
Current and obsolete collectible ammunition in singles and boxes including bullets, cartridges, pistol, rifle, American, European, and military.
Antiquarian Bygones
Offers medals, firearms, edged weapons, and head gear. Order by email.
Antique Arms, Inc.
Specializes in pre-1898 antique firearms which date from the American Revolution to the Spanish American War. Including antique guns by Colt, Marlin, Remington, Smith and Wesson and Winchester and other militaria and memorabilia.
Antique Militaria
Buys and sells antique swords, bayonets, dirks, firearms, buckles, caps, British, American, 3rd Reich, WW II, 19th Century, Napoleonic and earlier.
The Armory
An armory of swords, weapons, armor, helms, and daggers.
Historical weapons, arms and armor replicas, swords, shields, rapiers, and daggers.
Offers antique firearms, swords, and bayonets.
Arundel Militaria
Supplies deactivated WW I and WW II guns and edged weapons to collectors and living history groups.
Ashoka Arts
Specializing in the sale and restoration of antique eastern, ethnographic arms and armor, and related artifacts.
Aviation and Military Collectibles
Aviation and military T-shirts, Varga prints, nose art panels, models, books, and collectibles.
Battlefield Store
Selling and buying military books, antiques, insignias. Also provides rentals to theatres, plays, movies, special events, and professional photographers.
Black Cross Military Collectibles
German WWI imperial, Third Reich, American militaria, WWII British, and Japanese. Order by phone or email.
Boneyard 2U
Antique and old aircraft parts such as cockpits, engines, radios, and manuals. Order by email.
Brandenburg Historica
Offers a large selection of German military, regional and political history books, military music and historical collectibles from 1870 through the present.
Brian Nemec
Includes books, German helmet parts, and U.S. militaria items.
Cheap Crap You Don't Need,
Offers militaria from WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and modern-day eras.
The Civil War Connection
Offers a large selection of antiques, military and non-military.
Collecting buttons from the American Revolution, War of 1812, and American Civil War. Information, images, prices, and contact information.
Collect Russia
Offering a large selection of Soviet and Russian items from the Revolution through WWII and beyond. Order by phone, email, or fax.
Collectors Armoury and Militaria
Large range of militaria original and reproduction at their showroom in the Gold Coast War Museum and by mail order.
Dale C. Anderson
Offers items from the Civil War through WWII. Also does appraisals.
Der Rittmeister Militaria
Features inventory from the Imperial German period with an emphasis on the Imperial Air Service.
Edan Collector, Inc.
Russian and Soviet swords, daggers, books, and medals.
Offers swords, daggers, helmets, chainmail, and armor.
Espenlaub Militaria
Features German, Red Army, Imperial German, and Russian militaria of 20th century.
Faganarms, Inc.
Specializes in European and American swords, armor, halberds, and baskethilts. Offers a downloadable catalog.
Fisher Patton and The Red Baron
Purchases and sells antiques, military antiques, military prints, furniture, flags, books, old maps, nautical artifacts, toys for boys, medals, coin, badges, and ship models.
Buys and sells German helmets from World War I and World War II, including Imperial, Reichswehr, and Nazi eras and occasionally American and Russian.
Germania International
Offering military, political, and cultural collectibles usually with a German origin.
Great War Militaria
Includes WWI uniforms, pickelhaubes, rifles, and bayonets. Reenactment supplies and information are also available.
Heritage Medals
Offers Australian badges, medals, books, and weapon plaques.
The History Store
Offers antique (pre-1898) firearms, swords, bayonets, knives, polearms, and world militaria. Specializing in American edged weapons. Also offers classifieds and related links.
Indochina Militaria
Offers authentic items from both the first and second Indochina Wars -Vietnam and WWII, including uniforms, camouflage, insignia, medals, and field gear.
International Military Antiques Inc.
Original and reproduction military material, spanning over five centuries.
Jessen's Relics
Includes German and U.S. field gear and weapons.
Johnson Reference Books and Militaria
Buys and sells German Imperial and Third Reich edged weapons and other items including daggers, swords, knives, bayonets, uniforms, helmets, medals, and books.
Kabar44 Enterprises
Offers World War II and Vietnam militaria collectibles, also SOG, SEAL, ARVN, Special Forces, EDLS, Airborne, Ranger, and LRRP items.
KWS Antiques
Offers front-loading cannons, 16th-19th century flintlock and percussion firearms, military swords, axes and edged items, including related metal ware and accessories.
The Lanes Armoury
Offers arms, armor, guns, and swords. Order by email.
LionGate Arms and Armour, Inc.
Buyers and sellers of armor and fine antique edged weapons such as swords, daggers, sabres, cutlasses, and pole arms. Specializing in British swords.
Metalcraft By Blair
Offers military and civilian gifts and awards specializing in helmets, guns, airplanes, and nautical items.
Michael D. Long Ltd.
Antiques from major and minor battlefields throughout the world and timeline of history.
Militaria in Barcelona
Medals, decorations, bayonets, daggers, helmets, headgear, berets, military, badges, flags, and documents.
Buy and sell militaria from WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. Provides special made unit flags/guidons, MPC, allied payment certificates, and military books. Email for prices and information.
Large selection of militaria and books from WWII to Civil War.
Military Warehouse
Original pre-1945 Nazi and Japanese militaria and war relics including daggers, helmets, badges, flags, medals, and swords.
MilitaryCoins.US & Government Sales
Custom fabrication of challenge coins, lapel pins, key chains, and flag boxes. USA.
Moore Militaria
Offering Vietnam War militaria, military surplus, collectibles, and equipment.
N. Flayderman and Co., Inc.
Offers handguns, longarms, edged weapons, books, and powder flasks.
No Man's Land Militaria
Military items from World War I and World War II. French, German, American, Russian, and Japanese.
The Old Brigade
Specializes in buying and selling of Third Reich and Imperial German military and political collectors items such as swords, daggers, medals, uniforms, and headdress.
Dealers in nautical and aeronautical antiques, naval and aviation memorabilia, maritime collectibles and items of militaria from WWII and earlier.
P and K Military Antiques
Includes edged weapons, headgear, uniforms, patches, medals, wings, and insignia from the U.S., Europe and Asia.
Relics, Etc.
Offers militaria and scientific collectibles.
Saxonia Militaria
German militaria from before 1919.
Stahlhelms Military Collectibles
Offers helmets, daggers, medals, and uniforms.
Stewarts Military Antiques
Offers helmets, uniforms, badges and books.
Time Traveler Collectibles
Offers a large selection of antiques and collectibles from the Civil War to the present.
The Treasure Bunker
Offers items from the last two centuries and from many nations. Also includes a discussion forum.
Troops of Time
Offers limited edition prints, toy soldiers, uniforms and related accessories.
Specializes in Viking Age replicas such as swords, shields, helmets, and jewelry.
The War Store
Southern African military online store, specializing in special forces and SAS. Offering a variety of stock from the Zulu wars, Boer wars, Korea, Rhodesia, and Southern Africa.
War Treasure
Buys and sells uniforms, accoutrements, edged weapons, and documents from around the world.

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