Sites having for sale artifacts of historical, anthropological or archeological interest originating in Egypt, Greece, the Holy Land, the Mediterranean, Mesopotamia, the Middle East, Rome, or the Near East (at least 100+ years old).
Anavian Gallery
Islamic art and artifacts from the ancient Near East and Asia, including glass, metalwork, sculpture, pottery and ceramics.
Ancient and Oriental Ltd.
Art, antiquities and artifacts from ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece and Mesopotamia.
Ancient Antiques
Ancient artifacts wholesale to the public. Offers ancient coins, Egyptian works, and Holy Land items.
Ancient Touch
Antiquity dealer in ancient art, antiquities, and ancient beads including Greek, Scythian, Roman, and the Middle Ages.
Antiquities and ancient art from Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the Mediterranean for both collectors and museums.
Aton Gallery
Antiquities: mainly ancient Egyptian art objects.
Ancient pottery, glass, statues and figurines, bronze, coins, ancient weapons, and jewelry from Israel.
Helios Gallery
Antiquities from the classical and pre-classical period, specializing in Mediterranean and Aegean civilizations.
Historama - The Online History Shop
Israeli collectibles and history, featuring online music and articles. Historama buys and sells militaria, coins, stamps, banknotes, artwork, Judaica and ephemera.
Hixenbaugh Ancient Art
Authentic, museum quality ancient art and artifacts, including Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Mesopotamian pieces.
Keith Lloyd Antiquities
Ancient coins, antiquities and fossils from The Stone Age to the 18th Centuries, concentrating on the Roman and Egyptian civilizations.
Medusa Ancient Art
Dealing in genuine Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Near Eastern artifacts.
Old Jaffa's Archaeological Center
licensed to sell ancient history
Sasson Ancient Art Gallery
Ancient art and antiquities from the Near East, Egypt, the Classical world, as well as early Jewish and Christian art.
Treasuregate Gallery
Egyptian, Roman, Greek, and Near-east artifacts.
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