The category is for sites containing substantial information for consumers and offering consulting and/or protective technology services and products in the area of earthquake/wind engineering of lifelines, building structures, transportation and industrial facilities.
Earthquake Protection Systems Inc.
One of the seismic isolation bearing manufacturers offers complete seismic isolation services, including design support, manufacturing, testing, and construction support.
Earthquake Solutions
Provides structural and earthquake engineering software including PocketStatics (structural analysis software for PocketPC) and Bispec (computes ground motion spectra).
Equipment Anchorage & Seismic Engineering
EASE CO is OSHPD pre-approval process and obtaining OPA numbers for equipment. Provides seismic calculations and details that insure building code compliance.
Gas Control Technologies, L.L.C.
Focuses primarily on installation of automatic natural gas earthquake shut-off valves and also on underground natural gas leak detection.
GeoSystems Consultants, Inc.
Offers identification of the causative fault, site response studies, seismic risk assessment, liquefaction potential analysis and mitigation. Fort Washington, PA.
GERB Schwingungsisolierungen GmbH & Co. KG
Design and install vibration isolation and control and seismic protection equipment. Includes a technical publications library and career opportunities.
NESPAK: Earthquake Reconstruction Division
Pakistan firm acting as general consultant to ERRA for post-2005 earthquake reconstruction and rehabilitation work.
Designer, supplier and installer of fiber enforced polymer products for building structures. Page includes company history and explains how the product works.
Star Seismic
Manufacturers of a buckling restrained brace, a yielding steel core brace that is prevented from buckling when forced into the plastic range of the steel by an earthquake or other seismic activity. Includes test results and application movie.
Syscom Instruments
Designer and manufacturer of measurement systems for monitoring, recording and evaluation of earthquakes and vibration. Data sheets available in pdf format.
Taylor Devices India Pvt. Ltd.
Markets earthquake protection dampers and shock protection units for buildings and bridges in the Indian sub-continent.
Taylor Devices, Inc.
Promotes its products for energy absorption, motion control, impact reduction, controlled deceleration, rate control, machinery impact, air blast, vibration reduction, seismic protection, and earthquake isolation.
WorkSafe Technologies offers
A variety of products such as QuakeMats, SeismaFlex, GripStrip, TekGrip fasteners and ISO-Base platform to secure non structural seismic hazards.
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