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Awful Plunge
Newspaper articles from the Victoria Colonist, 1896, detailing the collapse of the Point Ellice bridge on 26 May 1896.
California's Temporary Freeway Bridge
Arroyo Pasajero Twin Bridges, 1995. Collapse of motor bridge because of foundation scour. Temporarily replaced by innovative bridge made from surplus railroad flatcars.
The Collapse of the Lance Mitan Suspension Bridge
Chronicle of the 1998 collapse of a small suspension bridge in Trinidad, West Indies. Includes a history of the bridge, a summary of events, and before and after photographs.
The Fall of a Bridge at Cornwall, Ontario.
Long Sault Rapids Bridge, 1898. Collapse of steel framed rail bridge. Description of events and photographs.
Learning from Failure: Engineering Disasters
Statistics on the cause of engineering failures and the ethics thereof.
Maccabiah Bridge Collapse Blame Falls Far and Wide
Collapse of foot bridge in Jerusalem, 1997. News article detailing what went wrong.
Mark Ketchum's Bridge Collapse Page
Pictures and descriptions of a few collapsed bridges, such as the Tacoma Narrows and the Koror-Babeldaob bridge.
Merrillan Bridge Collapse
Collapse of a concrete rail bridge over a creek in Wisconsin, 1968. Includes two large amateur photographs of the wreckage.
Rush Street Bridges
The Encyclopedia of Chicago provides an illustrated article on the collapse of an iron bridge in Chicago in 1863, and on the fate of other bridges built subsequently.
Walnut Street Bridge (Harrisburg)
Information from Wikipedia on the collapse of a steel framed bridge in Pennsylvania in 1996, owing to scour and ice damage.
Wood Bridge Failure Analysis
Analyses of failed private wooden bridges by Charles C Roberts, with photographs.
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