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Sites of individual space enthusiasts and professionals providing material of interest for space exploration and technology.

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Balettie, Roger
Former NASA Flight Dynamics Officer providing memoirs on mission control, manned space missions, essays, interviews, and space directory.
Energy Minimum Road to Outer Space
Alternative methods for achieving orbit, colonizing nearby planets, and exploring beyond the solar system. Bog and articles.
Eyes Turned Skyward
A collection of star gazing, rocket riding and moon walking quotations.
An astronomy student's vision of space exploration, and a comprehensive collection of related material.
Gunter's Space Page
Information on rockets, launch vehicles, missiles, satellites, rocket engines, astronauts. Complete lists of all rockets, satellites, space probes and spacecraft.
Inside KSC
Offers overview of the activities at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida.
James Oberg's Pioneering Space
Provides article collection and research on the Russian and US space programs, Mir and the International Space Station, by an author of numerous books in the space domain.
Leubands, Frank
Offers collection of personal photos of space meetings and sites.
Lindsey, Clark S.
Provides comprehensive directory with separate sections on amsats, satellite observing, collecting, and space tourism. Frequently updated.
Potentia Tenebras Repellendi
A blog devoted to returning to the Moon and space exploration in general.
Project Icarus
Information and video on $150 near-space launch by MIT students from Sturbridge, Massachusetts on 2 September 2009.
Rocket and Space Technology
Offers a comprehensive introduction to the basics of most of space technology by a space enthusiast.
Space Blog
Blog dealing with news on the space station, NASA, the space shuttle, international space missions and technology.
Space Tourism
Provides publications and contacts of a researcher.
Sven's Space Place
Provides a resource for space history, radio tracking and technology by a space enthusiast. Frequently updated.
Wright, Michael P.
Collection of autographs from all astronauts. Includes space memorabilia from flights.
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